A Study about
Demons, Gods, and Humans in the Slayers World

(totally revised on 2/Apr/00)

      The following are QP/Diana's understandings about the concept of the demons (otherwise known as Mazoku, or "Monsters" in the English version) in the world of Slayers. I've learned them through reading the novels and the book "Encyclopedia of Slayers", from study of several official staff (notes in video packages or DVD packages, etc.), Slayers web pages, and from fan sources (such as the official fan club's interviews with the author). For about the history of revisions, please reffer to the notice.

      Quotations are specified by the book of origin. Sorry about the paragraph breaks in them - that sort of thing is always hard to work around... Since the novels are written from a first-person perspective, the unattributed lines are generally Lina's unvoiced thoughts.

      All the quotations in this report were translated by QP/Diana, and are different from the official translation of Slayers novels, which are released from Central Park Media.

1.What is a Mazoku? 2.Hierarchy of the Mazoku
3.Zanaffar and the Claire Bible
4.The Difference Between "to be ruined" And "to be killed"
5.The Dark Lord of the Other Universes 6.What is Suifeed Knight?
7.The Dark Lord's Ressurection War 8. Who is Another Piece of Shabranigudo?
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       1.What is a Mazoku?

      The Mazoku are spiritual life forms, which live in the spiritual world (called "the astral side" in Slayers). Only a powerful Mazoku can exist in the material world in human form. They can maintain the human form by their own power. The more powerful a Mazoku is, the more perfect their human forms appear.

      For example, when one high level Mazoku who disguises itself in a young man is damaged by the sword of light or some magic spells, at first it changes into a monstrous form. This is because it has lost some of its power, and cannot maintain its human form. If it is damaged seriously and loses most of its power, it can't exist in the material world at all and goes back to the astral side.

          "Surdian [a middle class Mazoku] twisted its face with hate. No, it changed into a grotesque form. There were no eyes under the twisted eyelids, but instead just black holes. Black beard and black hair became a group of small, black, twisted horns. It wasn't Surdian's real form. Because of its damage, it was difficult for Surdian to maintain the form of a human." ("Omen of the Dark Lord's Ressurection")

      The less powerful of the mid-level Mazoku (Seigram is one) can exist in the material world by itself, but their human-like forms are disproportionate. The lowest level Mazoku can't exist in the material world unless the higher level Mazoku give them enough power. Even if they were given enough power to exist in the material world, it won't be sufficient to let it take human form. Once, one appeared as a pair of balls, or like a tomato with many arms and tails.

          "Kanzeru [a middle class Mazoku] said, 'Those were the lowest class Mazoku. They can't keep existing in the material world with their own power, so they unite with the living things in this world. That means they must change their forms, but they'll become to be able to exist on their own. I hear that humans call them 'lesser demons'. I don't know how they seemed to you [Lina]. Those were their real forms in the astral side.'" ("The Battle of Saillune")

      When a Mazoku exists in the material world using its own power, it can't be damaged by Shamanistic magic of the four elements. Normal weapons cannot harm them. They can be defeated only by spirit-type Shamanistic magic, black magic, and weapons with magical power.

      A lesser demon is half-demon and half-beast, and it has physical body. So, it can be destroyed by ordinary swords and Shamanistic magic of the four elements... but it is very difficult to do so. A lesser demon is very big and powerful. Furthermore, it can launch flame arrows with its roar.

          "Lina said, 'Mazoku belong to the spiritual world. So, they can't be damaged by swords or flame. It is like how we, humans, can't be harmed by abusive language. If you hit one Mazoku with a sword, you should think 'Go to hell!' strongly in your mind. Your will goes into the Mazoku through the sword, and if your will is stronger than the Mazoku's emotional strength, you can at least damage it. They say silver weapons are effective at getting rid of ghosts. It is because silver can channel more power from a human's will than other materials. To tell the truth, Gourry's sword of light gathers the power of the will of the one who has it in his hands, and makes the blade with that.'" ("The Ghost of Sairaag")

      The reason why the high level Mazoku choose to take human form is simple - only because it is convenient for them. The Mazoku eat dark emotions of mortals - hate, anger, despair, agony, regret, sorrow... etc. The Mazoku need to be close to people in order to eat fresh dark emotions in sufficient quantity. They disguise themselves as humans for the purpose of their meals. Although Xelloss and Fibrizo seem to eat and drink, foods mean nothing for them. They eat the negative emotions of the nearby humans. So, Lina, Gourry, Zel, and Amelia were really their prey.

          "Kanzeru said to Gourry, 'Don't you know what we, the Mazoku, eat?'
    Oh! I [Lina] know!
    He continued, 'We eat shouki (evil spiritual energy) and get power. The evil energy is composed of the dark emotions of all the living -- fear, anger, sorrow, and despair. These are very delicious for us! Causing pain is the most effective method to produce those dark emotions!'
    I understood -- Kanzeru hoped to eat. He wanted to eat my despair and fear, and Gourry's anger and sorrow, at the same time!" ("The Battle of Saillune")

Being spiritual life forms, Mazoku can't think anything which leads them to deny their own existence. If one Mazoku thinks he isn't strong enough to fight a human, it can be seriously damaged - before the fight! So, a Mazoku fights a human with its own attacks - magical bullets, magical strings, magical beams, and so on. It uses neither Shamanistic magic nor black magic. It has to fight for itself. Self-denial is mortally dangerous to a Mazoku. For the same reason, Mazoku refuse to use any items in a fight. I remember that Xelloss used Galveira, one of the five weapons of the Dark Star, in the anime "Slayers Try". To use this weapon wouldn't harm Xelloss' self-respect, for Xelloss channeled his power to Galveira and the weapon created the energy arrow with Xelloss' power. So Xelloss attacked at the enemy with his power. The weapon was a only a tool to attack Dark Star with his power, just like the Ruby Eye used Gaav the Chaos Dragon as a tool in the battle with the Aqualord (cf "The Dark Lord's Ressurection War").

          "'Well, Mirgazia-san [the eldest golden dragon of the Dragons' Peak],' I [Lina] said. 'In the last battle, a Mazoku attacked Memphis [an elf, Mirgazia's ally] from the astral side, didn't it? You and Memphis can defend yourselves from such attacks. Is it possible for humans to defend the attacks from the astral side?'
    'Impossible.' Milgazia answered in a heartless voice. It made me fall silent.
    'But, I don't think a Mazoku would attack a human from the astral side,' he continued.
    'What do you mean?' Luke [one of Lina's allies] asked.
    'You humans say that a dragon hunts a bird with all his might. Mazoku won't do that. For them, humans aren't the enemy, but are prey. (....) If a Mazoku attacks a human from the astral side, it means that the Mazoku can't defeat a human unless it fights in earnest. Thinking in this way is deadly to a Mazoku.'" ("Omen of the Dark Lord's Ressurection")

      Oh yes, Xelloss used his staff in the battle with Seigram in the "Slayers Next" anime. It is because the staff is a part of Xelloss! The materials he has - the cloak, the gloves, the pants, the shirt, the shoes, and the bag are made of Xelloss himself. It means that his cloak can be damaged neither by normal fire nor an ordinary sword. On the contrary, if the staff he has is broken by a magic spell, it means that Xelloss itself would be damaged.

          "At that time I [Lina] understood Xelloss' true power. This 'black cone' was the one - he used it to destroy targets without even touching them. He could launch it from a distance, and when the 'black cone' struck the body of the target, he released the power of the cone.
    Oh, can I say that - this 'black cone' is the body of Xelloss himself, which exists in the astral side?" ("Gaav's Challenge")

          "'Xelloss!' Gourry shouted and something came.
    'Oh!' Xelloss turned around suddenly. It was rare for him, but he seemed anxious. At that time, a red flash cut the air!
    Zunk! Xelloss couldn't dodge it, and his right arm was cut off at the shoulder!
    What? I [Lina] couldn't understand what was going on. There came another flash and it cut Xelloss' belly.
    '....!' Xelloss jumped away in hurry. The damage wasn't mortal, but he fell to his knees. Xelloss' right arm changed into dark haze and faded out before it dropped to the ground.
    'Xelloss?!' I ran up to him.
    'Glad to see you, after all these years,' Xelloss groaned out. '...Chaos Dragon Gaav...'
    Xelloss didn't bleed. It is natural, I already knew he was a Mazoku. The wound was merely a white section. It didn't seems gruesome, but I knew his damage was serious." ("Gaav's Challenge")

      2.Hierarchy of the Mazoku

      In Slayers world, they say that there is a Sea of Chaos. Many staffs stand in the Sea of Chaos, and on the top of each staff there lays a universe. Each universe has its own god and dark lord. But Lina knows much more. She knows that the Sea of Chaos itself is the Lord of Nightmares and it is the mother of everything.

      Lord of Nightmare created several universes. In Shabranigudo's universe, Mazoku know that there are three other universes with one dragon god and one dark lord each. (cf "The Dark Lord of the Other Universes") Each dragon god and dark lord are fighting each other, because they are doomed to keep fighting by their creator.

      A long time ago, during the battle with Suifeed, Shabranigudo created five confident (powerful!) Mazoku, to be sub-lords of the Ruby Eye. They were Hellmaster Fibrizo, Dynast Grawshellar, Deep Sea Dolphin, Chaos Dragon Gaav, and Greater Beast Zellas Metalliom. Fibrizo is the mightiest and the most cunning, and is the leader of the five sub-lords of the Ruby Eye.

      Then, the five sub-lords of the Dark Lord created their own confident (and thus powerful) Mazoku. Some were generals, some were priests. Zellas Metalliom created only one priest, Xelloss. Xelloss is the mightiest priest of the Mazoku, because the power that was split between one priest and one general (or, in the case of Dynast, two priests and two generals) was invested in him alone. Thus, he can only be defeated by any of the original five sub-lords.

          "'Do you want to know?' Xelloss said, with his usual grin.
    'Why Raltark [Gaav's priest] told you [Rarshart, Gaav's general] not to fight with me?" As he said that...
    'Yeowww!!' Rarshart screamed. A huge black cone of human length appeared in the empty air and ran through the belly of Rarshart!
    'It is because you can't match me by yourself.'
    Zunk! 'Yeowww!!' The second cone runs through the breast of Rarshart.
    'Chaos Dragon created one confident priest and one confident general, but the Greater Beast, my master, created only me.' Xelloss said in a calm voice. 'My master put the whole power into me, and Chaos Dragon divided the same power into you and Raltark. That is to say, if you really want to defeat me, you the general and Raltark the priest would have to fight together, or Chaos Dragon turn out in person.'
    And there came the third cone and it ran through the body of Rarshart." ("Gaav's Challenge")

      One general or one priest of Fibrizo might match with Xelloss, but they were all ruined during the Dark Lord's Descent War. Without its own general and priest, Fibrizo "borrowed" Xelloss from Zellas Metalliom.

Note : In the novels, only two generals and two priests appeared
--- general Rarshart, general Sherra, priest Raltark, and priest Xelloss.
The name of general Norst was introduced in the afterwords of the Slayers
Special book, and general Riksfalto and priest Huraker appeared in
the Slayers manga : Knight of Aqualord.
Priest Valgaav appeared in Slayers TRY.

Note 2 : The name of the priests and the generals of Dinast are
revealed in the magazine Blaster vol.9, which was published from
Mega Bland Project, the official fan-club of Mr. Kanzaka.

(This chart was revised on 8/Jul./2007)

      The more powerful a Mazoku is, the more it becomes faithful to its creator. So Xelloss won't do anything against the Greater Beast, and Xellas Metalliom won't disobey to Shabranigudo. Yes, Gaav the Chaos Dragon betrayed Shabranigudo,but it was because of the trick by the Aqualord (one of four alter egos of the Suifeed the Flare Dragon).

          "'We, the servant Mazokus are absolute obedience to the higher class Mazokus.' Xelloss said. 'Raltark and Rarshart became our enemies under the command of Gaav the Chaos Dragon.'
    'Hey, you say the Mazokus are absolute obedience to the higher class Mazokus, then how Gaav can defiant against Ruby Eye?' I(Lina) asked.
    'Well, there were something beyond our control' Xelloss said as if he had no concern about that matter."
    ("Gaav's Challenge")

      The lower class Mazoku isn't so faithful that it sometimes changes its master. For example, once Seigram the faceless was of the organization of the Greater Beast. Lina and Gourry stood between it and its plans when they defeated Halcifom in Atlas. Before that Phiblizo had ordered to the Mazokus not to kill Lina Inverse. Seigram couldn't revenge itself on Lina as long as it belonged to the Greater Beast. So it run away from the organization, and joined to the Chaos Dragon.

      Even the higher class Mazoku changes its master, but it happens only when the master is gone. In the episode "King of the City of Ghosts", Rarshart, ex-general of Gaav, obeyed orders of Fiblizo after the death of the Chaos Dragon.

      It is natural for a Mazoku to obey a more powerful Mazoku. But to draw the power of a more powerful Mazoku is dangerous for any Mazoku. As I wrote above, a Mazoku can't think anything which leads them to deny their own existence. If a Mazoku chant a spell to draw the power of a more powerful Mazoku, it will die before it completes the incantation.

          "Lina : Why do you force me to cast a Giga Slave? If you really want to die with this universe, you can cast it and let it out of control, and that's the end, right?
    Fib : If I could, I surely would. Unlike a lesser-demon or brass-demon, which has a physical body in this material world, I and other pure Mazoku are so-called spiritual life forms. If we chanted an incatation that channels the power of another existence, we would deny our own existence. It is the same thing as to comitting suicide for us. Sometimes we cast a sharmanistic magic spell, but we need a proper reason to use it. Besides we can't cast a black magic spell that channels the power of other sub-lords, our Dark Lord, or the Great One. I would be dead before I completed the incantation." ("The King of the City of Ghosts")

       3.Zanaffar and the Claire Bible

      First, I want to talk about the gods in the Slayers world, because Zanaffar is related to the Claire Bible, and the Claire Bible is closely related to the gods.

      As described in "1.What is a Mazoku", there was a god called Flare Dragon Suifeed. It fought with Ruby Eye Shabranigudo a long time. About five thousand years before Lina's time, Suifeed defeated Shabranigudo, cut it into seven parts, and sealed them in the body of seven humans.

      Although Suifeed won the battle, it couldn't keep on existing in the universe, and it sunk into the Sea of Chaos. Before that, Suifeed left four alter egos of itself. They were Ragradia the Aqualord(north),Vrabazard the Flarelord(east), Rangort the Earthlord(south), and Valwin the Airlord(west). Each dragon lord had one forth of Suifeed's power. That means the one dragon lord overwhelms the one part of Shabranigudo.

(This chart was revised on 26/Mar/2000)

      About one thousand years before Lina's time, the Dark Lord's Descent War (Kouma sensou) took place. The Mazoku made a huge trap for the Aqualord, and Lei-Magnus-Shabranigudo used Chaos Dragon Gaav as a medium to channel its full power into the Aqualord. This tactic critically overloaded Gaav, and it died with the Aqualord. Lei-Magnus-Shabranigudo succeeded, but with the last of its power, the Aqualord sealed Lei-Magnus-Shabranigudo into a mass of ice, and sealed Gaav in a human, as Suifeed sealed the seven parts of Shabranigudo in seven humans.

      Finally, the Aqualord was ruined, its soul, power, will, abilities... its whole identity was shattered away, and its knowledge was left in a warped space. This is the Claire Bible, which contains the knowledge of the god. By the way, in the Japanese novels of Slayers, the words for the Claire Bible mean "the Revelation of the Other World".

          "Mirgazia said, 'This warped space and the Claire Bible appeared together one thousand years ago, just after the Dark Lord's Descent War. During the war, there were terrible clashes of huge power of the Aqualord and of the Ruby Eye. Perhaps this space was warped by the shock wave from that battle. This place resembles the astral side.'" ("Gaav's Challenge")

          "I [Lina] closed my eyes. At the same time, I saw it! I opened my eyes in a hurry. I couldn't see anything, but I knew it was there.
    An orb. It was as big as I could hold it in my both hands.
    'An orb?' I muttered as I touched it with right hand.
    'It's not an orb. It is the core and the source of this warped space. It brings the stream of knowledge from the other universe. That is it - the existence called the Claire Bible.' The strange voice came.
    'What?' I withdrew my hand from it, and looked back at Mirgazia.
    'Did you say anything?'
    'No. Perhaps you heard the voice of the Claire Bible. I didn't hear anything.'" ("Gaav's Challenge")

          Zanaffar the Magical Beast appeared in the world about one hundred and twenty years before Lina's time. It destroyed Sairaag, the City of Magic, in an instant. After its ruin, Sairaag has been called the Ghost City. Although there were many sorcerers in Sairaag, they couldn't stop Zanaffar. Then there came a swordsman. His sword was the legendary Sword of Light, and he killed Zanaffar with it.

          Zanaffar is a chimera created by magic. The method to create it came down from the Claire Bible. There were some written copies of the Claire Bible that detailed the way to create a Zanaffar. Xelloss was ordered to burn those copies because if humans create many many Zanaffars and learned to control them, they would then be powerful enemies of the lower level Mazoku.

          When a Zanaffar is controlled correctly, it is a living, magical armor of the creator. But when it is out of control, it will eat the man who wears it, and become a big white creature. Moreover, a Zanaffar can absorb the knowledge of a human by eating him. In the episode of "The Silver Beast", a Zanaffar ate a man who created it, and thus it obtained the knowledge of how to make another Zanaffar. With this knowledge, it hoped to increase the number of its tribe.

      "Zelgadiss was exhausted. He was united with a rock golem and a brow-demon(*) by a sorcerer, and he traveled, seeking the way to get his human body back.
      It was a hopeless journey.
      One day Zelgadiss heard a rumor about a written copy of the Claire Bible. They say that the skills to make a chimera in it was totally different from the skills in this universe. They might be of another universe.
      It was a mere rumour. But, having no other clue, he chased the rumour. Finally he found out the family who owned the copy. Then he met with Xelloss, who also searched for the copy.
      But, the copy was taken away by the sect of Krotz....
      'Xelloss and I joined forces together at that time. If I kill Krotz and get the copy, Xelloss will be my next enemy.' Zel said in a cool voice. He seemed deadly serious.
      'But, if you can get it, I'm sorry to say, it will be another matter for you to find the way to ...' I [Lina] said.
      Zel didn't get angry with me. 'Yes, I know. The copy can be useless for me. I'm ready for such a situation.'
      'Well, I want to say uh.... Xelloss had vague reasons, but I doubt whether the copy is a real copy of the Claire Bible or not.'
      'Didn't he tell you anything?' Zel said unexpectedly. 'The ancestor of the owner is said to be the chief priest of Retideus.'
      'You say that the copy was brought out from Retideus,and that the copy was handed down from father to son. It's OK. But I still doubt its reliability.' I said to Zelgadiss.
      'About one hundred and twenty years ago, a man had doubts about the copy as you do now. He was the owner himself.'
      'Oh, he might. Everybody becomes anxious whether the heirlooms are real or false.'
      'It's easy to find out. He just had to make a chimera as written in the copy. And he succeeded. A chimera was created, but it got out of the control of the creator. You know what I'm talking about.' Zel breathed out gloomily, and said in a sunken voice. 'It was Zanaffar, the Magical Beast of Sairaag.'" ("The Silver Beast")

            (*)Brow-demon = I think the word "brow" comes from "brownie". In Japanese word, this is "Ja-yousei" and it means "wicked fairy". According to the "Encyclopedia Slayers", "Brow-demons aren't akin to Mazoku (demons). They are similar to a type of goblin, with magical power. Not strong monsters but be careful of their magics. Their magical capacity is much bigger than humans'."

             "'By the way, what are the armors you(Mirgazia and Memphis) wear?'
      Gourry asked. Memphis [a female elf] looked at him and said.
      'These are the weapons we, the elves and the dragons, developed together. Mirgazia-ojisama's armor is the Ritual Armor(*) which boosts the wearer's power affect to the astral side. Now he is more than a match for ordinary Mazoku.
      And my armor is the Zenafa Armor(**), which can control the power to affect to the astral side. Furthermore, it changes its form at my will. This armor is a half living body."
      'Oh my! It is the armor that is amazing, not you .... what?'I [Lina] stiffened.
      Zenafa.... controls the power to effect the astral side... a half living body.... Is it...it?!
      Zuzazazaza!(sound of slithering)
      I jumped away from Memphis and pointed at her.
      'Zanaffar?!.... Is it Zanaffar the Magical Beast?!'
      Zanaffar the demon sealing armor plate... the living armor which eats the person who wears it. A chimera made on the basis of the way which was written in the copy of the Claire Bible....
      More than a hundred years ago, it ruined the Magic City Sairaag, and a few years ago, Gourry and I fought with one...
      It cut off effects from the astral side, and radiates beams which resemble to a golden dragon's laser breath...' ("Omen of the Dark Lord's Ressurection")

            (*)the Ritual Armor = I have no idea why the author uses this word. The Japanese word for it is "jurei-yoroi", which means "the armor which curses the spirit".
      (**)Zenafa Armor = The Japanese words for this is "maritu-sohkoh", and it means "the armor which control the evil". "Zenafa" is a Chaos Word(***) for "to control the evil".
      (***)Chaos Words = Special language for the sorcerers in the Slayers world. When they want to cast magic, they have to chant spells in the Chaos Words, then they have to speak a Word with Power (Dragon Slave, Raywing, etc.).

          Once the author talked about Zanaffar in an interview. He said, "a Zanaffar can't match with Kanzeru (a powerful mid-level Mazoku). But it overwhelms brass demons and lesser demons. Those half demons would be the main force in a total war between the Mazoku and humand, for there are few strong pure Mazoku in the world. If the humans created many, many Zanaffars and they defeated the main force of Mazoku, the battle wouldn't be easy for the pure Mazoku."

           4.The Difference Between "to be Ruined" And "to be Killed"

          Mazokus are spiritual life forms, and their death is somewhat mysterious. When one Mazoku is seriously damaged, it loses the power to affect the material world and goes back to the astral side. This is death for Mazokus. For example, Chaos Dragon Gaav died in the battle between Shabranigudo and the Aqualord. If the AquaLord hadn't sealed Gaav in a human, it would have come to life again as the Chaos Dragon. In another word, a killed Mazoku will come back eventually.

          How about Rezo-Shabranigudo? It won't come back. It was totally ruined. When a Mazoku was ruined, its soul, power, personality...all its identity was taken apart. Under those circumstances, it can't come to life again. This is the condition "to be ruined".

          Let's talk about the black magic for a while. There are some spells of black magic with which the sorcerer draws out the power of higher class Mazoku. For example, Dragon Slave is a magic spell which uses the power of Shabranigudo. The parts of the dark lord are sealed in humans, but its power still exists in the world. So Lina can call on that power to cast Dragon Slave. When a Mazoku is ruined, though, the magic spells that call upon it become ineffective.

          Gaav Flare is no longer functional, as it calls on the power of Chaos Dragon Gaav. Similarily, Ragna Blast and Ragna Drive were disabled with the ruin of Hellmaster Fibrizo.

          Of course, some spells still work. The power of Greater Beast Zellas Metalliom drives Zellas Brid, Dynast Grawshellar is the source of power for Dynast Breath and Dynast Brass, Deep Sea Dolphin can be invoked with Dolf Stlash and Dolf Zoke, and Shabranigudo powers the Dragon Slave and Ruby Eye Blade. Giga Slave and Ragna Blade both call on the power of the Lord of Nightmares.

          "'Well, the cause was in the Dark Lord's Ressurection War.' Xelloss said.
    'At that time, dark lord Ruby Eye and the Chaos Dragon fought together against the Aqualord. They won the battle, but the Chaos Dragon died, too.
    Yes, he was dead, but he wasn't ruined. His power was sealed and became ineffective to the material world. He would come to life again usually.'
    'Hmmmm.... Would all of you come to life again?' I [Lina] said.
    'It depends on the power of killed Mazoku and on the way it was killed. Those who are ruined cannot come to life again. Its power, will, memories and soul are fallen apart. In parts,for example, some of the power might be passed to someone, but it's impossible for the one to come to life again as itself.
    Those who are killed lost enough power to exist in the material world for a while. After he gets his power back, he can come back to the material world.'"
    (Quotations from "Gaav's Challenge")

       5.The Dark Lord of the Other Universes

      They say that there are many, many universes that stand on the top of the staves held up from the Sea of Chaos, and each universe has its own God and Dark Lord. We can find four names of the Dark Lords in the Slayers novels and anime. These are Ruby Eye Shabranigudo (in Japanese words, "the Dark Lord with Red Eyes"), Dark Star Dugradigudo (in Japanese words, "that who scatters darkness", Death Fog (in Japanese words, it is "the White Fog"), and Chaotic Blue (in Japanese words, "the King of the Blue Sky"). Their names seemed to relate with the four elements of the world, fire, earth, water, and air.

      In anime "Slayers Try", there appeared Dark Star Dugradigudo, but it has never been in the novels. It is revealed that Gourry's Sword of Light was one of the five weapons of the Dark Star and its real name was Gorunnova (in Japanese words, "sword of flash"). The Dark Star scattered darkness with its power, and some of them reached to the other universes. In Lina's universe, the Gorunnova was found, and elves made it usable for elves and humans. There is a novel series called "Lost Universe" written by the same author of Slayers, Mr. Hajime Kanzaka. That is the story of Dark Star's universe.

      All fans of Slayers may remember the talismans which Lina bought from Xelloss. The four talismans are called "Demon Bloods" and each of them draws the power of each Dark Lords of the four universes. In the last episode of "Slayers Try", Lina intended to use Giga Slave, but she couldn't use the Demon Bloods to increase her magical power. It is because Valgaav-Dugradigudo didn't allow one Demon Blood to draw out his power.

      Once Lei Magnus, the Greatest Philosopher, possessed these talismans. But there was a piece of Shabranigudo sealed in him, and it resurrected as one seventh of Ruby Eye one thousand years before. In the end of the Dark Lord's Descent War (the Kouma sensou), Lei-Magnus-Shabranigudo was sealed in the ice of Aqualord, thus, it was called "the Demon King of the North". Then, Xelloss, the mightiest Mazoku priest, came to the Demon King of the North, and asked for its reward. Xelloss had killed hundreds of gold dragons and black dragons at the Dragon's Peak all by itself, and it was a great job. The Demon King of the North appreciated Xelloss' work, and gave the talismans. In the novels, the colors of the talismans are different, blue, black, red, and white. But the illustrator always drew them with the same color, and in the anime, the talismans are always in bloody red.

    * I had imagined that the Demon King of the North had given the talismans to Zellas Metalliom, and the Greater Beast had given them to its priest later. But I got the information in a book from Mr. Kanzaka's fan club.
      Well, I have said that Mazoku wouldn't use any items earlier, but Xelloss used these talismans in order to cast the shamanistic magic Blast Bomb. At that time, Xelloss knew that Lina was present, and it had to disguise itself as human. If it killed enemies using its own power, it would reveal that Xelloss wasn't a human. Xelloss used the Demon Bloods to cast a shamanistic magic which it couldn't use naturally. In addition, Blast Bomb is the most powerful fire spell of the shamanistic magic, and there has been only one person who could successfully cast it, Lei-Magnus. He was the inventor of both Blast Bomb and Dragon Slave.

          "'You....' I [Lina] said, as I looked the priest full in the face.
    'You are Lei Magnus, aren't you?!"
    The priest rolled and tumbled down on the ground.
    'How can you say so?!' He supported himself with his staff and stood on his feet.
    'Heh-heh. It's easy to say. As I know there has been only one person who could cast Blast Bomb. He was Lei Magnus.'
    'Hey! Lei Magnus lived one thousand years ago!'
    'No problem. He can live for one or two thousand years if he has strong guts!'
    'What guts?! Anyway, my name is Xelloss.'
    'Hmm... What are you?'
    'I'm a mysterious priest' Xelloss answered.
    Hmmmm... Yes, as he said, he was mysterious...
    'Anyway, I want to talk about the amulets... no, the talismans.'
    'Oh, what are you talking about?' Xelloss said in a blank voice.
    'These talismans. The one you wear under the neck, on the buckle of your belt, and on both wrists. You boost your magical capacity with them.'
    'Oh.... You know that....' He admitted this time.
    'Well, what are they? They can't be the usual jewels.'
    'I don't know much about them. They were gifts.' He said as he scratched his head.
    'I know that they are called Demon Bloods. Each of them represents the Ruby Eye, the Dark Star, the Chaotic Blue, and the Death Fog -- the dark lords of this universe and other universes.'
    'The dark lord of other universes?!' I shouted at him. 'Is it true?!'
    'Well.... I was told so.'
    'Who told you?'
    'Oh! It is a secret.' he said, waving his index finger." ("The Silver Beast")

          "'You humans call it the sword of light, but its real name is Gorunnova.' Fibrizo said in a calm voice. 'It is one of the five weapons of Dark Star, the dark lord of another universe.'
    '?!' I [Lina] was astonished with the name of the Dark Star.
    When I bought the talismans from Xelloss, he told about four dark lords of this universe and other universes. The Dark Star was the dark lord of one of those other universes.
    Fibrizo kept on talking as he ignored our astonishment. 'I don't know who brought it to this universe, and someone with talent made it usable for humans. But even if it looks like a sword, it is an alter ego of the Dark Star, a part of the dark lord. In another word, it is same as a Mazoku.'" ("King of the City of Ghost")

       6.What is Suifeed Knight?

      It is very difficult to explain Suifeed Knight. I want to start with studying the description in the novels.

          "'That sword, Gorunnova, isn't harmful as long as it is used by a human.' Chaos Dragon Gaav said. 'If you, a human, really want to kill me, you had better to bring the legendary Suifeed Knight with you.'
    Oh, is that so?
    'Perhaps, the Suifeed Knight is too busy with the job at the restaurant.' I [Lina] said, but Gaav ignored me." ("Gaav's Challenge")

      This was the first appearance of the word "Suifeed Knight" and there was no more details. We had known that Lina's sister, Luna was a part time waitress at a restaurant in Zefeeria, Lina's homeland. So we could suppose that Lina's sister was the Suifeed Knight, and she was as strong as to be a match Chaos Dragon Gaav.

      According to the author (his interview is included in the book "Encyclopedia Slayers"), Suifeed's power and a part of itswill fell apart when it sunk into the Sea of Chaos. Perhaps Luna has a part of Suifeed's power and a part of its will in herself. She isn't a born-again Suifeed; rather she can be said to be a person who has a part of Suifeed. If she has fought with one seventh of Shabranigudo (a perfectly awakened version), she wouldn't be a match for it, but Luna might match with Xelloss.

      Still, she is a ultra-powerful lady. In the novels, Lina remembered that her sister had cut a Dragon Slave apart with a normal sword, and killed a plasma dragon with a kitchen knife. The author also said that Luna was well known in world, and some skilled swordsman came to challenge her. Luna is famous with her sword, not with magic, and they say that Lina mastered her black magic to cover her inferior feelings towards her sister.

      Was Luna Inverse fated to be Suifeed Knight? No, it was an accident. Luna's and Lina's parents were ordinary persons. The author said that their father had been a mercenary, and their mother had been a priestess. They had traveled together, and had settled themselves in the castle city of Zefferia. There they had a grocery store, so Luna and Lina were born as daughters of a merhcant's family.

       7.The Dark Lord's Resurrection War

      About one thousand years before Lina's time, there was a horrible war between Mazoku and the union of dragons, elves, dwarfs and humans. Before the greater war, an omen of times to come was the war between humans. Unrest and dissatisfaction filled the air. Then lesser demons frequently appeared and the society was in panic. Those phenomena were caused by the plan of Hellmaster Fibrizo. In the midst of this situation, the Dark Lord, Ruby Eye Shibauranigudo was reborn. They say that Fibrizo spreaded panic among humans in order to break the seal on Shabranigudo.

      Shabranigudo arranged four of his five sub-lords in a four-pointed formation in order to make a huge trap for the Aqualord Ragradia. Hellmaster Fibrizo was placed at east, in the Desert of Destruction, Greater Beast Zellas Metalliom was placed to the south, on the Island of Wolves. Dynast Grawshellar was set in the north, at the North Foothold, and Deep Sea Dolphin was placed to the west, in the Demon Sea. The four sub-lords of the Ruby Eye made a huge barrier with their power and maintained it in order to weaken the power of the Aqualord and to prevent interference from the other three dragon lords. These four of five sub-lords couldn't move from their positions, because they had to maintain the barrier, so they didn't join in the war. In their stead, they sent their generals and priests. The generals and the priests of Fibrizo were all ruined in the war, and Xelloss, the only priest of Zellas Metalliom, killed almost all of the dragons at Dragon's Peak by itself.

      Weakened by the barrier of Mazoku, the Aqualord couldn't overwhelm one seventh of Shabranigudo. The dark lord threw its whole power throught Chaos Dragon Gaav. Perhaps Shabranigudo used Gaav's draconic nature to make its attacks more effective. The result of the war has been detailed in "3.Zanaffar and the Clare Bible".

    "And Mirgazia begun to talk.... he talked about what happened one thousand years ago.

    Threatening atmosphere filled the world.
    Several nations increased armaments in preparing for war, and clashes at the nations' borders often broke out..
    Then --
    Those clashes soon turn out to be a large war.
    The war swallowed up several nations.
    Nobody noticed -- for a while.
    Even the elves didn't notice -- although they sometimes lived together with humans then.
    Nobody noticed that the damage caused by demons that emerged, and the damage became much larger.
    It was too late, by the time that people came to know that.
    The nations has been exhausted, and most of "heroes" had died in the war against other nations -- they died in the war of humans!
    There came a large pack of demons, and it trampled the surviving people.
    How many people died?
    How many nations destroyed?
    Dragons had watched human's war without concern, but at that time they realized something was going on.
    Something had slipped in the center of the nations and provoked the expansion of armaments.
    Dragons, elves, dwarfs, and humans.
    They united together, and they fought hard to sweep away the demons away.
    -- But,
    The mass outbreak of the demon was mere feint.
    While the union of living beings paid attention to the demons out there, the five sub-lords of the Dark Lord got together.
    They gathered at the Katart Mountains, where lived the Aqualord Ragradia.
    The sub lords of the Dark Lord didn't fight the Dragon Lord directly. They destroyed the temples and killed many saints. Gradually, Katart Mountains turned into the Death Mountains.
    Mazokus were aiming at the Aqualord.
    The army, led by dragons, marched to the Katart Mountains in order to help the Aqualord.
    Then there appeared the Ruby Eye.

    'Oh my?!' I [Lina] interrupted in a stupid voice. 'Where.... did it come from?'
    'I don't know.'
    Hey, hey. I was amazed by the answer,
    'Who knows? The ones who saw the appearance of the Ruby Eye are all dead.
    I can't imagine whether it had hidden itself, or it was released from the seal.
    Anyway, we felt it. It suddenly appeared in the Katart Mountains.
    And then --
    There was no hope for our victory.
    We had ruined Fibrizo's priest by then, but almost all of the dragons had been killed by the priest Xelloss. Elves, dwarves and humans fought hard, but the union fell apart.
    We could barely fight then, and then came Shabranigudo. How could we win?
    After that.... I only know the legend.
    They say that Chaos Dragon Gaav died, that Fibrizo's general and the Aqualord were ruined, and that Shabranigudo was sealed in the mass of ice by Aqualord.
    How they fought?
    Who knows?
    Only the God and the Dark Lord can say.'" ("the Omen of the Dark Lord's Ressurection")

       8. Who is Another Piece of Shabranigudo?

      Will another part of Shabranigudo come to life again? I don't know the author's intentions. But there are some fanfics in which another part of Shabranigudo comes to life again. Sometimes it is Lina, sometimes it is Gourry, and sometimes it is Luke (a new friend to Lina). Perhaps, these ideas are inspired by the descriptions in the episode "Gaav's Challenge".

    "'I'm anxious about .... you, Lina, the human maiden, whether you can be one of Shabranigudo's broken seven parts or not.' [Mirgazia said.]
    All of us [Lina, Gourry, Zelgadiss and Amaria] cried together.

    Ruby Eye Shabranigudo --
    The Dark Lord of our universe fought against Flare Dragon Suifeed, and at last it was broken into seven parts and each part was sealed somewhere.
    Suifeed left four alter egos and disappeared, and the Dark Lord left many demons in the world.
    But one part of Shabranigudo descended in the Katart Mountains during the Dark Lord's Descent War and it ruined one of four alter egos of Suifeed, the Aqualord.
    And about one years ago --
    I saw that the seal of the second part of the Ruby Eye was broken with my own eyes.
    There were five more parts left --
    Am I [Lina] the one of them?!
    'What.... what do you mean?' I managed to speak after a silence.
    'You know the story of the seven parts of Shabranigudo, don't you?'
    'Oh... Everybody knows.'
    'I think that Suifeed sealed those parts with heart of the human.
    When the human died, the part of Shabranigudo would born again as another human.
    If they have been sealed in the dragons or in the elves, the seal can be stronger, but Suifeed selected the humans. It is because the humans live for a shorter time than the dragons and the elves do. The parts of the Ruby Eye would be born reborn in a shorter cycle. They will be purged through the endless transmigration, and they'll be extinguished.
    But -- the humans are weak.
    Sometimes the seal becomes weakened.
    When the seal is perfect, even the Hellmaster can't see the parts of the Dark Lord. But when the seal is weakened, Fibrizo can find them with its ability to see the transmigration.
    Then the Hellmaster shall act to break the seal at once.
    In fact, the Hellmaster broke the seal of the Ruby Eye during the Dark Lord's Descent War one thousand years ago.
    Now you said that you are used according to the plans of the Hellmaster.
    Why does the Hellmaster use you? It is because ....'" ("Gaav's Challenge")

      (Additional report 2005.09.29)

      In the last book of Slayers novels, the third piece of Shabranigudo showed itself. The piece was resurrected from Lina's friend, Luke. From his words in the book, we can see some unknown facts.

      Ruby Eye was sealed in human souls, not in the eyes.

      As Rezo the Red Priest was blind, and as the dark lord Shabranigudo had another name "Ruby Eye", people imagined that each pieces of the dark lord were sealed in a blind person's eyes. However, the author once revealed that Lei=Magnus wasn't blind, and in the last book of Slayers novels, Luke, who had known not to be blind, showed himself as another resurrected piece of Ruby Eye.

    "'Are... are you... kidding?'
    A soft whisper flew in the wind. It took a few seconds for me to realize that I [Lina] myself said the words.
    '... No way... Your eyes...'
    'My eyes?
    Oh, I see. You misunderstood.
    Probably it came from the name Ruby Eye, but it's not true.
    When Rezo=Shabranigudo resurrected, the piece hadn't been sealed in the human's eyes, but in the depth of his soul.
    At that time, the human swallowed Philosopher's Stone, and the piece was released. It's because a Philosopher's Stone is a tiny piece of Demon Blood talismans which can expand and release the magical power.'" ("Demon Slayers!")

      In a resurrected piece, the soul, the will, and the memories of both the dark lord and the human can exist together.

      We know that in Rezo=Shabranigudo had the soul and will both of Ruby Eye and Rezo the Red Priest. But at that time Lina told the soul of Rezo to choose whether to be swallowed by the dark lord or to avenge on the dark lord, and we believe that the fully resurrected piece of Ruby Eye eat up the human's soul. Finally, Luke=Shabranigudo showed that even the fully resurrected piece has the soul of the former person and the dark lord.

    "'What... is this?'
    I said.
    Straining my voice, I said
    In a hoarse tone.
    'What... is... this? ... what?'
    '... Okay... Frankly speaking...' He said, like a child who was caught when he was just doing a mischief.
    'There was another thing in myself.
    Actually, I didn't know about it...
    You can understand, I know.
    I know it because both of you were there when a piece of dark lord woke up from Rezo's body. It was half-resurrected Rezo=Shabranigudo.'
    Both Gourry and I hadn't toldLuke about the incident in details.
    He could know that we had destroyed a dark lord, but he couldn't know who had been the seal of the piece.
    It was impossible for an ordinary man.
    But another piece of Ruby Eye knew it. They said that the dark lord was torn into seven pieces a long time ago, and there had to be six other pieces out there. When Luke had the same memory in common with another piece of dark lord...
    --- another piece --- of dark lord ---
    He continued, '... there is a difference between Rezo's case and mine...
    I... accepted it... with my own will...
    Now, --- both of my identity ---'
    'And my identity ---' Another voice said.
    'Unite as one.'
    Two voices came from one mouth one after another.
    One was of Luke, and another was of the dark lord." ("Demon Slayers!")

      Even after the dark lord was resurrected fully, the skills that the dark lord uses in the real world are same as them of the person whom the piece of the dark lord was sealed in.

      When Luke=Shabranigudo were getting ready to meet Lina and Gourry again, he was afraid to be recognized by them that he had been a friend of them. So, he decide to wear a white mask with red eyes and to talk in the voice of Ruby Eye in order to keep them believe that they meet with a stranger. He was almost succeeded when the battle began, but soon Gourry found the true identity of Luke=Shabranigudo because Gourry remembered Luke's way to fight a mighty enemy.

    "Ruby Eye Shabranigudo ---
    A long long time ago ---
    The legend said that Flare Dragon and Ruby Eye fought for the world. Ruby Eye wanted to destroy the world, and Suifeed wanted it to continue. Thus they risked their own lives, and in the end, Ruby Eye's body was torn into seven pieces ---
    It wasn't a mere legend, Gourry and I know. The piece of Ruby Eye did exist.
    About two years and a few months ealier.
    One piece of Ruby Eye woke uo. It had sleeped within a human.
    --- It will be impossible for us to meet again ---
    The dark lord said, and there were only two persons who had heard the words at that time.
    One person is traveling somewhere.
    Another is Ruby Eye shabranigudo himself.
    --- Then, the thing in front of us now is ---
    '...I don't care about your theory... but let me say this, don't appear so suddenly without any signs!'
    I said in a kidding tone, but I admired myself to be able to speak, even thoughmy voice was hoarse. 'We have our own plan to do...'
    'I don't care about your story, either.' The dark lord said and it came one more step closer.
    And ---
    This was the beginning of our battle.
    Gourry and I couldn't stand the pressure and jumped aside toward the opposite directions.
    'Elmekia Lance!' I released 'the words with power without any incantation.
    It was rather a test than an attack.
    And, the spell worked!
    Moreover, the lance of light in the air glittered brighter than I used the spell in ordinary space.
    'GO!' I shouted, and the released light flew straight toward the dark lord.
    The dark lord hit on the ground with the end of the heavy stick in his hand. And then, a big red orb appeared on the head of the same stick. The orb was as big as a head of baby.
    With a small breath, the dark lord help us the stick with the red orb, and ---
    The red orb radiated a thin red light, and then, the lance of light vanished in the air like fading haze.
    --- Oh, I see --- that heavy stick is --- no, it's not a stick but a staff ---
    While the dark lord help up the staff, Gourry drew his sword without any noise and ran toward the red silhouette.
    He's so fast!
    Gourry's Blast Sword had power to cut any Mazoku apart, however, his blow couldn't hit the red silhouette. The dark lord protected himself with the staff and hit back the Blast Sword.
    --- Yes, I was right. The staff is ---
    Yes, the staff had to be the staff of Bones, the dark lord's legendary weapon.
    As long as the dark lord was a Mazoku, he wouldn't use an ordinary weapon. Just like Sherra, the general of Dynast, created her weapon Doolgofa with her own astral body, the staff of Bones had to be created from the dark lord's astral body.
    As Gourry was hit back by the dark lord's weapon, he used the dark lord's counter attack
    to change the direction of his blow. This tactics made him attack again so quickly. But the dark lord's blow that hit Gourry's sword back attacked Gourry with the same power.
    Even if the weapon took the form of a staff, it was the weapon of the dark lord, and its destructive power had to be critical.
    --- If an ordinary human is knocked by the weapon, the victim must be ---
    Gourry also noticed the weapon's power, and he changed the direction of his blow again. He parried a blow of staff, and jumped back to keep a distance from the enemy.
    All these battles were in a few seconds.
    Both of them were --- extremely fast.
    If I hadn't been trained my skill of sword with Gourry, what I could see was Gourry and the dark lord crossed their weapons and then took a distance again.
    I could see what happened from some distance away, but it didn't mean that I could fight the same enemy. The fighting skill of them and mine were poles apart. If I would fight the dark lord with my sword, I would be killed in an instance.
    The dard lord stepped forward as is he was following Gourry who had taken a distance.
    Ruby Eye swang the staff for Gourry, but the blow was a overswing.
    As I expected, Gourry jumped back and dodged the blow easily ---
    That swing of the staff made a wind of bad air --- no, it was a wind of magical power, and the wind hit at Gourry!
    Gourry was blown back, and the dark lord followed him!
    Perhaps, the dark lord tried to attack Gourry at the moment he landed on the ground because he couldn't stand still in landing.
    No, I won't let you to do!
    As there were a certain distance between Gourry and the dark lord, I could use an offensive spell to support Gourry!
    Tap! I put one hand on the ground and said, "Astral Vine!'
    I used a spell --- no I used a magic to strengthen things for the ground. This magic was usually used for swords or weapons to make them stronger and make them have magical power to harm Mazoku. I used this magic for the ground around me.
    --- !? ---
    The dark lord was disturbed because he didn't see my idea. And then, I --- tap!
    I put another hand on the ground and said, "earth! Obey my will! Dug Haut!'
    Answering to my words, the earth rose up as countless spines and those spines wound toward the dark lord. If I used only Dug Haut, those spines were mere the horns made of earth and they couldn't harm any Mazoku. But at that time, I used Astral Vine before Dug Haut, and made the spines have the magical power to harm Mazoku!
    The dark lord stopped and held the staff of Bones before him. The orb on the head glittered in thin read light again, and then all of the spines of the earth with magical power broke into the mass of dust.
    Breaking through the mass of dust, Gourry ran forward.
    Silver blaze swung in the air. White lines received the blow.
    As the dark lord didn't expected Gourry's attack this time, the Mazoku seemed to be pushed back.
    Something black spread in the air enveloping the dark lord.
    Gourry got on guard and stepped back. But at the same moment.
    A red shadow sprang out of the black thing.
    The dark lord stuck the staff out to Gourry's body, and Gourry turned the blow aside --- and he was blown away by a pressure. From where did the pressure came? I couldn't see.
    Gourry seemed to be surprised a little, but he moved along with the pressure, and managed to dodge the blow of the staff. He jumped toward me several times, and finally he stood by my side.
    Slowy Shabranigudo turned around for us.
    Gourry, still watching at the dark lord, told me in a low voice, "--- Lina! I want to be close to him as close as I can! Help me!'
    I answered him and, tap!, I put one hand on the ground again and said, 'Dug Haut!'
    The earth between the dark lord and us rose up again as hundreds of spines, and those spines rushed to the dark lord! Rudy Eye held his staff again to the spines of earth.
    And the spines gathered and we couldn't see the dark lord ---
    Then, I used the magic one more time!
    'Dug Haut!'
    The earth around me rose again and the earth went like a big wave toward the dark lord.
    Gourry was on the wave of earth.
    Before my eyes, the wave of earth broke into the shape of invisible sphere. Probably, the dark lord radiated the magical power of his staff of Bones.
    At that time, Gourry ran on the wave of earth, and he jumped high!
    '--- hey!---'
    Gourry shouted while he was still in the air.
    Oh, no! Why you let your enemy know where you are?
    As I feared, the dark lord broke all of the wave of earth into dust completely, and he looked up and held his staff at Gourry.
    Gourry shouted again!
    'Hey, what are you doing--- here!?'
    At the instant.
    Ruby Eye seemed to be embarrassed by Gourry's shout.
    The dark lord moved backward a little, and Gourry's sword left silver images in the air.
    Oh! Gourry got him! --- But it was too shallow!
    The dark lord put one hand on his mask, and Gourry stood still.
    '... I said... what are you doing here...' Gourry said angrily.
    '....' The dark lord didn't answer him. Gourry continued. 'The patterns of your skill in battle can't be changed so easily. The lines of your blow are the same as before. Your skills in the battle --- way to use the darkness to make me blind is the same! Your way to envelope your weapon with a wind is the same!'
    ... Huf....
    Dropping his shoulders.
    The dark lord sighed a big sigh. And he began to spoke in a tired voice --- a very very tire voice.
    'Now you see it... I didn't expected that both of you could find me out... It was beyond my imagination that you, Gourry, saw through me...'
    '--- what?...'
    I gasped.
    I knew that the voice wasn't of the dark lord.
    I knew the voice well.
    And Gourry knew it well.
    The dark lord lowered his left hand from his face.
    ... Karank! ...
    The white mask had been bisected by Gourry's blow and it fell on the ground.
    '... Luke?...'
    I called.
    I called his name in a hoarse voice." ("Demon Slayers")

      QP's note : In book 14, Luke and Gourry fought a sword battle here is the scene. Below are the fragmental translation of the scene.

    "'Now!' Luke swang his sword! Gourry's sword flashed!
    At the instant two swords crossed!
    A wind roared and Gourry's blow was pushed aside!
    Wow! Luke charged a spell of powerful wind to his sword!
    Gourry's skill of sword was enough to cut the enemy's sword with the wind around the blade. But this time, Gourry didn't want to kill Luke. He wanted to 'stop' Luke, and his hesitation let his blow weakened. Thus, his blow was effected by the wind.
    '--- wow!'
    Anyway, Gourry used the wind's pressure to make his blow fater, and he gave it Luke's sword!
    Oh, he intends to cut the sword and takes the combat power away from Luke!
    --- But!
    The wind roared for the second time and Gourry's blow was turned aside again!
    Then Luke stepped forward!
    Gourry stepped back a little, keeping a distance from Luke!
    --- Oh, no!
    I realized at that moment. Gourry's blows weren't be weakened! Only the winds around Luke's sword were too powerful!
    If the wind were normally powerful, Gourry wouldn't have let his blows turned aside twice!
    Probably, Luke knew that he wasn't match with Gourry in a sword battle, and he got an idea to use his sword as a guard, not as an offensive weapon.
    --- Then ---
    I expected what Luke would do, and I began to chant a spell in my mouth.
    Gourry gave the third blow, the fourth blow at Luke's sword, because he didn't want to step back anymore. But Luke's sword enveloped with the wind received all.
    I know that Gourry was highly skilled and he could see the direction of the wind around the blade and could cut the blade through the weak poart of the wind. But it was possible only when his enemy was an average swordsman.
    Luke was more than average even though he didn't match with Gourry. He stood there to protect himself against Gourry's blow, and received his blow as if let the wind around his sword cover Gourry's sword.
    --- Wow, I haven't watched Luke's skill so well... He is so skilled!
    --- Luke's sword received Gourry's blow again ---
    'Blow up!'
    Luke shoute, and ---
    All the power of the wind around Luke's sword was released and blew at Goourry!
    Gourry knew that if he stood there, he would lose his balance. Without nothing else to do, he jumped back as if he flew on the wind.
    At the same time, Luke jumped!
    He tried to pass Gourry while there was an enough distance between Gourry and him, and Luke was aiming for the high priest Lian!
    But! I expected it!
    I released the spell which I had chanted earlier!
    'Dim Win!'
    The powerful wind of magic pushed Gourry's back and let him landed. Now Gourry was close to Luke again!
    '--- No way!' Luke was surprised.
    'Woooooooow!' Gourry roared ---
    With a sharp noise, Luke's sword fell on the floor!" ("Haterd in Selentia")

    "--- Tap!
    Luke kicked the floor!
    He ran the aisle straight toward us!
    Gourry stepped forward and stood before the alter as if he was protecting the high priest Kereth. He drew his sword and I began to chant a spell.
    Luke came nearer and nearer, and ---
    'Abyss Flare!'
    Luke's spell was the one I didn't know!
    The carpet on the floor before Luke was on fire!
    The flame stood high and covered Luke from our eyes. And the red fire came closer to us!
    Gourry was in front of the coming flame!
    I expected that Luke would contain us with some spells, and I was ready for that!
    'Dim Win!'
    I cast a spell of powerful wind to the coming flame!
    However, the flame didn't dance for the winds!
    Wow, is it the flame of magical power? He must expect that I would use a spell of wind to counterattack, and he must use the flame of magical power, which cannot be protected by winds!
    'Gourry! Cut the flame!'
    My request had to be ridiculous if it was an ordinary flame, but Gourry did as I asked.
    He waited for the flame to come closer and he cut the wave of flame with his sword!
    The flame was cut apart and they danced in the air and melted away.
    His sword was the Blast Sword, and it could cut Mazoku. I thought that this sword could cut the flame of magical power, and I was right!
    But, Luke jumped out from the vanishing flame! He held a sword in his right hand and swung it down at Gourry.
    Gourry held back his sword and received the blow. At that instant, Gourry's sword trembled. Luke enveloped his sword with powerful winds again.
    Gourry shouted out, and Luke's sword was broken apart!
    He expected the direction of the wind perfectly, and he used his sword along with the wind to cut the blade into two.
    --- He got it!
    I thought.
    At that moment, Luke moved his left hand. he had another sword there!
    'Blow up!'
    As Luke shouted, the powerful wind around the sword was released!
    Gourry was pushed aside by the wind!
    Luke didn't care about Gourry anymore, and he threw the broken sword away and ran for the altar!
    For high priest Kereth!
    But, here I am!
    I ran for the high priest, chanting a spell, took his hand and pulled him nearer.
    Luke kicked on the altar and jumped toward us!
    Gourry had recovered his balance and interrupted!
    'Dim Win!'
    Luke cast the spell of wind downward!
    The wind made Gourry totter and Luke was blown up and changed his landing position. Landing on the floor, Luke drew a black dagger from his hips with is right hand. He pointed at Gourry with it and ---
    'Darkness! Hold him!'
    The black mist appeared around Gourry!
    Is it Dark Mist?
    He used the spell of wind with his second sword, and now he used the spell of mist with his dagger ---
    Wow, I see! Luke knows how to charge spells into his weapons!
    But, is it possible?
    Once he talked to me that he had once related with the society of the bad people. He might have a chance to learn the skill at that time." ("Hatred in Selentia")

      Each resurrected pieces can have the same memory, however, each pieces can have different will.

      The third piece of Ruby Eye remembered the conversation with Lina at the time when Rezo=Shabranigudo was destroyed by Lina's Giga Slave. It's because the first piece, the Demon King of the North, could share memories with another resurrected piece. However, each pieces were effected by the soul of the human who had been the seal of Ruby Eye, and the human emotions let each pieces have different wills. In Luke=Shabranigudo's case, he wished to fight Lina and Gourry again, besides, the Demon King of the North didn't want to do. Sometimes, any Mazoku united with a human will meet his end because of the human emotions.

    "Luke=Shabranigudo said, 'I hate humans, and I also hate Mazoku.
    I hate the world because it has both humans and Mazoku.
    If ---
    If I would release another piece in the north, I could destroy all of the world.'
    Another piece in the north---
    About one thousand years earlier, there was the Dark Lord's Descent War, and in the end of the war, resurrected piece of dark lord had been sealed again in the massive magical ice in exchange for the life of the Aqualord. They said that the piece still sleeped there in the Katart mountains. Another piece of Shabranigudo ---
    People called it as the Demon King of the North.
    If two of seven pieces of the dark lord were released, Mazoku could have destroy the world.
    'Mazoku want the destruction.
    After they destroy the world, they'll destroy themselves and let all things return to the chaos ---
    That is---
    My revenge on the world---'
    'However,' Gourry said. 'If the world didn't exist, you couldn't have met Millina.
    Could you?'
    '... No... You're right... It's true' Luke=Shabranigudo scratched his cheek as he used to do. He seemed to be embarrassed.
    '... I thought in the same way...
    And I was troubled and couldn't decide what to do...
    Honestly, I like both of you...
    And I know that there are good people out there...
    Still... still there are many annoying guys...
    And still I hate this world. These are the facts.
    So, I couldn't know what to do...
    And... I invited you here...
    I created this space in order to give you possibility to destroy me.
    Here I want you to show me... prove me which will be destroyed... the world... or me.'
    '... No way...' I strained my voice. '... This must be the worst joke... letting
    us to show you the way...'
    Finally, I understood.
    I understood the reason why Xelloss was 'neutral' in spite of his showing himself before us. The reason why Xelloss destroyed Buladu.
    In order to be faithful for their own purpose, all Mazoku had to prevent me and Gourry from meeting the newly resurrected dark lord. When we happened to destroy the dark lord, it would be troublesome for Mazoku's plan to destroy this world. And we, Gourry and I, had happened to destroy another piece of dark lord. It's natural for Mazoku to try to kill us on our way to Sairaag.
    However ---
    Xelloss was too curious.
    He was curious about what we would do when we would find our friend had become a fully awaken dark lord and when we would know that the friend wanted to fight against us.His curiosity made him say 'I'm neutral.'
    ... Oh, he is so cruel... as I knew...
    Luke=Shabranigudo said, 'I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...'
    'Are you sorry?' I said.
    'Then tell me! If you did all for this, was it you who let weird Mazoku attack us and
    protect us? Was it you who ordered Xelloss to come to us? And was it you who made fake me and let her appear in the same city where I was? Did you do all?'
    '... To tell the truth...
    I wanted to meet you out there pretending to be a normal human.
    But you have sharp feelings and I was afraid to be seen through my change.
    And, the more I traveled with you, the more difficult for both of us to fight.
    I didn't expect that my true character was revealed because my skill to fight...
    Anyway, I asked someone else to invite you here. You know, the black-haired girl whom you met at the doorway. I told her to carry out my order in her own way.
    Another piece in the ice in the Katart mountains seemed to dislike my idea to meet you---
    ... In fact, the piece and othe Mazoku, including me, can't communicate well because the piece is trapped in the magical ice.
    But, anyway, we could see that the piece in the Katart mountains didn't want you to come to Sairaag.
    Therefore, the lower level Mazoku were confused. And in the end, some Mazoku made up their mind to be faithful to the piece in the north and tried to kill you, and other Mazoku obeyed my order and did their best to let you come here.
    This is what happened. It seemed to be ridiculous.
    Anyway, I'm pleased that you arrived here without accident.'" ("Demon Slayers!")

If there is something you want to know, please tell it to me.
I'll do my best to explain it.
Thank you for reading.

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