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* direct CMI8338/8738 controller


(Made In GLADE)

About cmictl

The program cmictl sets some internal parameters of CMI 8338/8738 based soundcard. You may be able to use S/PDIF out of your card.
Parameters that cmictl can treat are the following:

  • S/PDIF-in
  • S/PDIF-out
  • S/PDIF-loop
  • S/PDIF-monitor (SPDIF-in to Analog-out)
  • S/PDIF-out voltage (5V / 0.5V)
  • S/PDIF frequency (48kHz / 44kHz)
  • surround (untested)
  • 4 speaker mode (untested)
  • exchange front / rear speaker (untested)
  • change S/PDIF-in phase state: normal, inverse

Some parameters are only available on CMI8738 based cards.

gcmictl is also available. gcmictl is a tiny GUI front end of cmictl. You can control all of above parameters with GUI interface.
It requires GTK+ library ( 1.2.0 or later ).


  • Linux (2.2.x or later)
  • Soundcards that have CMI8338 / 8738 chips
  • Sounddriver for these cards (cmpci.c in Linux kernel)


This program controls PCI card's register directly. So if the wrong parameter is specified, it will causes serious situation on your Linux box.
Of course, it may contains some bugs (I can't figure out yet). So it will be a serious security issue of your box.

This programs is developed by a user of CMI8738 based card. C-Media electronics (developer of CMI chips) has no responsibility of this program, so please do not send any questions about it to C-Media.




C-Media Electronics
Developer of CMI8338 / 8738
Download C-Media Drivers
Developer of cmpci (Linux version of CMI8338/8738 driver)

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