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EF66 132

JR Freight began to build EF66-100 type electric locomotive, because the number of high speed freight liners was increasing and  electric locomotives to pull these trains were short. Although EF66-100 is fundamentally same as EF66-0 type electric locomotive, the current collectors are changed to cross arm type (PS22B), air conditioners are fitted in the cab, and air suspension of center bogie was changed to the same type as end bogies. Later current collectors were changed to PS22D and headlights were changed to rectangular type (EF66109~). 
Technical Data
Items Data
Supply Voltage 1500VDC
Service speed 115km/h 
Max power 3,900kW
Length 18,200mm
Width 2,938mm
Total mass 100.8t
Axles location B0-B0-B0
Bogie FDT133C (End), FD134C (Intermediate)
Current collector PS22B (101~108), PS22D (109~133)
Traction motor MT56
Resistance and vernier controller FCS27D
Field magnet controller FCS28D
Designed by Japan National Railways