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Olympic Selection Trials Qualificated for the Olympic Games Athens 2004
Team Jumping

Indivisual / Jumping

The 54th All Japan Championship Dressage/CDI-W Asian League FINAL 2002

The 2th Asian Equestrian Championship

Ryuma Hirota Photo Gallery

ALL JAPAN GRAND PRIX JUMPING Championship commemoration

Sydney 2000 Photo Report

The 18th CSI Tokyo - Hermes Cup GRAND PRIX

The 17th CSI Tokyo - Hermes Cup GRAND PRIX

CCI */** Miki-Hyogo 1999

The 6th World University Equestrian Championship 2004


Dressage Individual Final
1 Gerald Bloomer  Ireland
2 Martin Hauptmann Austria
3 Joelle Wenger   Luxembourg

Jumping Individual Final
1 Lee Murphy    Ireland
2 Andrew Bourns   Ireland
3 Shingo Hayashi  Japan

Combined Result
1 Natalie Mcgoldrick Great Britain
2 Lee Murphy     Ireland
3 Shingo Hayashi   Japan

1 Japan
2 Norway
3 Ireland

The results of Asian Games 2002 in Pusan,KOREA

JumpingInd.3rd HAYASHI Tadayoshi
4th KOMIYAMA Osamu
EventingInd.3rd KATO Daisuke
4th KODERA Sachiko
DressageInd.3rd HITOMI Naoki
4th KITAHARA Hiroyuki

Ryuma Hirota got All Japan Grand Prix Championship

All Japan Championship Jumping held on 23 thru 25 Nov at Tsumakoi Riding club,Hirota Ryuma and SAKURA won all of Grand prix games,Championship Jumping,CSI-W Final and Speed & Handines.

Ryuma Hirota Photo Gallery

Ryuma Hirota Official Page

Alexis Gautier won the 18th CSI TOKYO

The 18th Tokyo International Horse Show "CSI TOKYO 2001"held on 27 and 28 October at Royal Horse Riding Club. 9 riders invited from 9 country and 12 Japanese riders contested. The winner of the main event "Hermes Cup Grand Prix" was Alexis Gautier(FRA) and LIBERTY RACE. Result is Here

Clare Bronfman won the 17th CSI TOKYO

The 17th Tokyo International Horse Show "CSI TOKYO 2000"held on 9 and 10 December at J.R.A. Bajikoen. 7 riders invited from 7 country,including Albert Voon who is the silver medalist of Sydney Indivisual Jumping. The winner of the main event "Hermes Cup Grand Prix" was the youngest American lady,Clare Bronfman. Arbart Voon finished 5th.
Result is Here

National Team for Olympic Games in Sydney

Japan Equestrian Federation annouced member of National Team for Olympic Games in Sydney.
Managing Staff
ManegerYoshihoro Nakano
Sub ManagerKazuhiro Iwaya
Hiroshi Watanebe
JumpingAgeOutstainding resultstallweight
Takeshi Shirai231996 Atlanta170cm60kg
Taizo Sugitani241996 Atlanta
1998 World Equestrian Games
Tadayoshi Hayashi32Win:1996 All Japan Championship Jumping
4th:2000 CSI Ainthophen
Ryuma Hirota24Win:1995 All Japan Championship Jumping170cm60kg
Daisuke Kato34Win:1994,1996 All Japan Championship Eventing172cm60kg
Takeaki Tsuchiya306th:1996 Atlanta team
1998 World Equestrian Games
Masaru Fuse306th:1996 Atlanta team
7th:1998 CCI Panchestown
Shigeyuki Hosono311996 Atlanta
2nd:1998 Asian Games Team

Bettina OVERESCH won the first CCI * in Japan

The first CCI * and ** held on 3-5 December at MIKI Horse Land Park,Hyogo prefecture where located west of Japan near from Osaka.There had 3 section,CCI *,CCI * Borrowed horses and CCI **.Also 9 famous rider invited from 9 countries for CCI * BH.
The winner of CCI * BH was Bettina OVERESCH from Germany,2nd was Jeanette BRAKEWELI from England,Andrew HOY from Australia finished 3rd.There was only 1 point between winner and 2nd.
The winner of CCI ** was Daisuke KATO who already has the ticket to Sydney 2000.
Result is Here

Mieko Yagi could not get a ticket for Sydney 2000

29 Oct 99
Mieko Yagi who is the top rider of Japanese Dresserge did not get a ticket for the olympic game in Sydney 2000.
She won the game in Japan held on 19th October with 316 points,she got a chance to get a ticket for Sydney.
But on 28th New Zealand rider recorded 328 point,Mieko Yagi finished 2nd.

No Punish

- J.E.F. decided -

21 Oct 99
Japan Equestrian Federation(J.E.F) decided no punish for Hiroshi Hokketsu who refused to sign on the
dooping inspection document at CDI-Yamanashi held on 19th September.
JEF authorized fact of the sample for dooping check had uncontroled in a few time.And the official in
charge did not procedure properly for protest of Hokketsu.

Doping Inspection Refuse

- For pose unappropriate system -

23 Sep 99

The 4th ranked rider at CDI-W Yamanashi held on 19 Sep refused to sign on a form of doping inspection.Name of the rider is Hiroshi Hokketsu who is the chief of dresserge reinforcement division in Japan Equestrian Federation(JEF).
Hiroshi Hokketsu and Cetus got 4th at CDI-W Yamanashi Grand Prix Freestyle(Qur). After the conpetiton higher ranker must have a doping inspection,but he boycotted to sign on a inspection document. Hiroshi Hokketsy said
"The veterinarian commissioner must attend while pick urine and seal the vessel,but vet commissioner did not attend and they came after that.I saw such a unappropriate system many time in domestic competiton.Doping inspection is very important for life as a rider,so I wanted to appeal for such a unappropriate inspection system."
Hiroshi Hokketsu and Cetus

Equestrian Federation officials to quit over Olympics bribery

Mainichi News 13 July 99
The Olympics bribery scandal prompted the 20-member board of directors of the Japan Equestrian Federation on Monday to resign en masse.
The Federation denies that two board members selected an equestrian to participate in the 1992 Summer Olympics in exchange for money they recieved.But,all of the board members decided to step down to take moral responsibility for the scandal,offcials said.

According to federation officials,the athlete,49-years-old Yoshinaga Sakurai,gave a total of 3.65 million yen in cash to two board members and another high-ranking official of the federation,who is not a board member.
In may 1992,Sakurai gave 1.65 million Yen to Shoji Murakmi,61,who is not a board member but served on a committee that selected athletes to participante in equestrian events at the Barcelona Olympics.

At the committee session held the following month,Murakani proposed to give Sakurai a spot on the Japanese equestrian team.
The selection committee approved the proposal after none of its members voiced opposition.
Sakurai subsequently gave 1 million yen each to the two board members - Hiroshi Goto,66, and Eizo Osaka,66.
The federation stopped short of dismissing Murakami, and instesd reprimanded him.

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