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This software is a driver and a loader to mount USB flash memory, USB HDD and FireWire HDD as read only device.
When a device is mounted by this driver, MacOS X recognizes it as read-only.
In other words, this software works as if a write-protect switch of a device.
And the driver does not care the format of device, so it works for not only HFS but also FAT.
I made this software to protect the digital camera memory from .DS_Store.

Ver 1.1 is now available. (Sep. 01, 2009)
It is comptible with 64bit kernel on Snow Lepard (MacOSX 10.6).
Also compatible with Leopard (10.5.x) and PowerPC Macs.

Download(New ver1.1)

Download(Old ver1.0)

Souce code is also available. (Source code of ver1.1 will be available later)

Download Source Code (Old ver1.0)


'mtcmd' is a utility which manipulates magnetic tape device connected to SCSI interface.
This utility works on MacOS X terminal command line.

Note : This software is not maintained recently.



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