Find Toolbar Tweaks

Important Notice

Most current version is ver 2.1.x for Firefox 3.5. Due to changes on Find Toolbar code, 2.1.x doesn't work well with Firefox 3.
If you are using Fx 3, you should use ver 2.0.1.

Short description

This is a Firefox extension to tweak features and display of the Find Toolbar.
I think close button on the left side is not beautiful ;-)


1. Move the close button on the right-side end
See the screen shot below.
You can select position from 4 options. Right, Center (after labels displayed), Left (Firefox default), and hide it.
screen shot 1
2. Close Toolbar by double click
No need to explain, I guess.
3. Hide "Match case" check box
This option is not so useful in Japanese (non-ASCII) environment.
4. When wrapped, change the color of input box
When the search reaches the last (or top) of page, color of input box changes to yellow.
5. Add a context menu
From the context menu, you can open a setting window. You also can close Find Toolbar from here.
6. Hide button labels
You can hide the labels of these buttons; Find next, Find previous, Highlight all.
7. Clear button
Clear text of the input box. Borrowed from Findbar Basics by CatThief.
8. Show buttons on Quick Find Bar
You can use the same buttons as normal search bar on Quick Find bar.
9. Close Toolbar by page click
You can disable this behavior via setting window for normal search mode. Please note that this setting dose not affect to FAYT mode.
10. Auto "Highlight All"
Automatically "Highlight All" as you type letters. Default setting is 3 letters, that is, if you type 3 or more letters, "Highlight All" will be evoked without pushing button. You can change the number of letters from 2, 3, 4 letters on Options window.
11. Toggle Find Toolbar with statusbar icon
Implementation from Findbar Basics. Thank you, CatThief.
12. Close Find Toolbar with shortcut key (Ctrl+F)
Once you opened Find Toolbar, you can close it with the same shortcut key (Ctrl+F). Again, implementation from Findbar Basics. Thank you, CatThief.
13. Source window support
Now FTT works on Source window (View | Page Source).
14. Set timeout of FAYT
You can set duration before toolbar closing on FAYT via Options window of FTT.
15. Show Find Toolbar on startup
For those who uses Find Toolbar heavily.
16. Move Find Toolbar on top area
Find Toolbar should appear between bookmarktoolbar and tabbar.

known problem

1. Don't work well with Find All.
It's a problem not only Find All, but occurs when using two Find Toolbar related extensions.
2. "Change color of input box when wrap" dosen't work with some themes other than default.
I couldn't fix this because some themes are using their own style applied on the input box. As a workaround, the wrap message background should be changed on wrap.
screen shot 2


  1. Re-implement history feature.
  2. Hit counter feature.


Get the latest version from

Alternatively, you can install from this page.
I guess you know the .xpi install procedure. Clicking the link below with Firefox should start install process. Or save the file via "Save Link As...", and open it with Firefox.

For Firefox 3.5

For Firefox 3.0.x

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Mail me at firefoxhacks AT gmail DOT com. Both English and Japanese accepted.


Change log

2009/6/18 ver 2.1.0
For Firefox 3.5.
Features are the same as ver 2.0.1.
2009/2/12 ver 2.0.1
Added "Show Find Toolbar on startup".
Added "Move Find Toolbar on top area".
Fixed the "match case" button problem in quick find bar.
Workaround for "Change color of input box when wrap" dosen't work with non-defalut theme.
2008/9/21 ver 2.0.0
First version for Firefox 3.