Hiroya Fujisaki                   English/Japanese


Professor Emeritus

The University of Tokyo

Mailing address:  3-31-12 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013 Japan

Email address:    fujisaki@alum.mit.edu

Phone/Fax:       +81-3-3444-1851

Mobile:             +81-90-3248-8423

Research Areas

Speech Communication and Spoken Language Processing, Natural Language Processing, Human and Artificial Intelligence, with special emphasis on modeling, including a model of language use; a model for perceptual processes in speech identification/discrimination (known as the dual channel model); a model for the process of fundamental frequency control in speech (known as the Fujisaki model); but also, a model of road traffic flow and its application to road traffic control systems. 

Current Research Program

Analysis and Modeling of Prosody of Spoken Languages 

Brief Biography

Born: October 18, 1930.

Education and Professional Career: BS, MS, PhD from University of Tokyo; Fulbright Scholar at MIT ('58 -'61), Guest Researcher at KTH ('60) Joined the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo ('62), Full Professor at EE Dept. ('73 - '91), serving twice as Chairman, Also Professor of Speech Science, Graduate School of Medicine ('74 -'77) and Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, Graduate School of Humanities ('64-'91)
Prof. Emeritus, University of Tokyo ('91- present); Professor, Tokyo University of Science ('91- '06)
Visiting Professorship: U. Texas, Austin, U.S.('80); KTH, Stockholm, Sweden ('81), U. Goettingen, Germany ('81),.Nanjing University, Nanjing, China ('85-'86), University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China ('87-'91). 

Project Leader, the Japanese National Project on Advanced Human-Machine Interface Through Spoken Language ('87-'91)
Project Leader, the Japanese 'Research-for-the-Future' Project on Human-Machine Spoken Dialogue Systems ('96-'00)
General Chairman, IEEE-ASJ International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP-86) ('86)
ASJ-Chairman, the Second Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan ('88)
Founder and Chairman, the International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP) ('90)
Member, the Permanent Council for the Organization of ICPhS ('79 - '07)
Life Member, the Permanent Council for the Organization of ICSLP ('92-present)
Member, ISCA Board ('00-'07), Life Member, International Advisory Council of ISCA ('04- ) 

President, the MIT Association of Japan ('82 - '90)
President, the Boston Association of Japan ('97 -'99)
Vice President, the Japan-China Science and Technology Exchange Association ('03 - present) 

Fellowships and Memberships of Academic Societies, etc.

Fulbright Scholarship ('58-'60),

Fellow, Acoustical Society of America,
Fellow, Institute of Electroincs, Information and Communication Engineers,
Fellow, International Speech Communication Association,
Life Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,
Honorary Member, Acoustical Society of Japan,
Member, Engineering Academy of Japan,
Corresponding Member, Goettingen Academy of Sciences

Awards and Honors

The ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement, International Speech Communication Association (2008).
The Third Millennium Medal, IEEE (2000)
The Bronze Beaver Award, The MIT Alumni Assciation (2000)
Person of Merit in Science and Technology, awarded by the Mayor of Tokyo (1989)
The Special Distinguished Service Award, the Acoustical Society of America (1988)
The Meritorious Service Award, the IEEE Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Society (1988)
The Distinguished Achievement Aard, the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of Japan (1973)
The Distinguished (Journal) Paper Award, the Institute of Electrical Communication Engineers of Japan (1968)
The Distinguished (Journal) Paper Award, the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (1968)
The Inada Award for Distinguished Paper Presented at the National Convention of the Institute of Electrical Communication Engineers of Japan (1963)

Recent Publications and Speeches