Hydrogen-Rich Water model H-01

(Active Hydrogen Water Generator)






Features and Specifications
Model name  Hydrogen-Rich Water H-01
(Active Hydrogen Water Generator)
Life Expectancy  6 Months after you start using
Ionized Water Protection  Continuously
Required Water Source  a) Cold boiled water which is rich in minerals and
     cheap to use
 b) Mineral Water
 c) Purified warer
The method of use  a) Cold boiled water in 500ml PET bottle
 b) In 500ml Soft Drink PET bottle
 c) Making coffee, black tea, and green tea
Health Benefits  a) In curing, improving and preventing diseases
    such as atopy, diabetes etc.
 b) Reverse aging
 c) boost the immune system of humans and pets
 d) diminish offensive odor of feces of humans and pets
 e) Best antioxidant product
 f) Safe and no side effects due to it being water
Feature  a) Low price (ask quotation)
 b) portable
 c) Safe and (no side effects), since it is merely water
Amount of water you should drink per a day  2 liters inclusive of  a)cold boild water,   b)soft drink,
 c)coffee, black tea and green tea
Warranty  6 Months
Dimensions  18Ø × 121mm
Weight  27g

Generating active hydrogen or atomic hydrogen (H) and molecular hydrogen (H2)

by means of our g Active Hydrogen Water Generator h :


Water is the single most important substance for life on this planet.

Without water no life would be possible. Water is the dominant force behind

all living organisms and absolutely essential to healthy living.

Water is in every living being both animal and plants.

Humans are made up of over 70% water.


There are two types of water : either Hydrogen-Rich Water

or Hydrogen-Poor Water.

99 % of water available in the world today is Hydrogen-Poor Water.

Understanding water and drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water will give you health,

longevity, and also reverse aging.

The most important thing is that you should drink only hydrogen-rich water

all the time.  By drinking only hydrogen-rich water , you are free from

chronic diseases as well as pathological aging.

Due to the introduction of our g Active Hydrogen Water Generator h,

you are able to drink Hydrogen-Rich Water all the time, 24 hours a day

365 days a year at the cost of a mere 10 cents per day. You can measure

whether your water is Hydrogen-Rich Water or not by our H & H2 Detector

Model HD-01.

As@it is portable, you can carry a plastic mineral water bottle with @

a g Active Hydrogen Water Generator h in it all the time with you.

Therefore, you can always maintain good health.


By using our H & H‚Q Detector Model HD-01, you can measure the concentrations

of active hydrogen or atomic hydrogen (H) and molecular hydrogen (H‚Q) in

a plastic water bottle. Fifteen minutes after you put one piece of g Active Hydrogen

Water Geneator h into a plastic mineral water bottle of 500ml,

you can start measuring the concentration of atomic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen. 

Soon after you place a g ‚`‚ƒ‚”‚‰‚–‚…@‚g‚™‚„‚’‚‚‡‚…‚Ž@Water Geneator h into a plastic mineral

water bottle, you will find that it starts generating active and molecular hydrogen. 

Within 4`5 hours, you will find that the plastic mineral water bottle will be

saturated with atomic and molecular hydrogen.


We measured tap water, in addition to numerous samples of mineral water which

are bottled both domestically and overseasG and so called natural water

produced by a famous manufacturer. However, we found that none of

them contained water with atomic and molecular hydrogen in them. 

(Refer a redox potential of various water to figure1 below)

It has long been established that active oxygen species (i.e. free radical,

reactive oxygen species) can cause many types of damages to biomolecules

and cellular structures that can result in the development of a variety of

pathologic states such as diabetes, cancer and aging.

Please understand that it is not effective for curing, improving and

preventing disease such as diabetes, atopy and cancer etc, all of which are

caused by active oxygen species (i.e. free radical, reactive oxygen species )

if water do not contain sufficient atomic hydrogen (H) and molecular hydrogen (H2).


Medical research indicates that 90 % of the causes of many illnesses are

the result of the accumulation of acidic waste, which is produced by active

oxygen species (free radicals).  Almost all diseases (as well as aging) are related

to the oxidation of healthy cells by excessive reactive oxygen species

(i.e. free radicals, active oxygen species) in the body.


Therefore, by drinking Hydrogen-Rich water, which is generated by our g ‚`‚ƒ‚”‚‰‚–‚…@Hydrogen

Water Generator h, it is said by clinicians that it can result in curing,

improving and preventing the following diseases :

  Diabetes, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus),

heart disease, arthritis, cancer, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation,

dehydration, chronic diarrhea, migraines, indigestion, high blood pressure,

obesity, osteoporosis and psoriasis.


Once you start drinking Hydrogen-rich water, before confirmation of clinical

improvements, changes of faecal findings have always been observed.

Offensive odor of faeces will diminish markedly in 2`3 days time.

We should know that the disgusting odor of faeces originates from putrefied substances

such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamine, indole, phenol, skatole or nitrosamine,

which are all pathogenic by virtue of their causing production of active oxygen as a result.

Indole, phenol, or nitrosamine are considered to be carcinogens. Production and excretion

of faeces means, as a result, nothing but the taking of putrefied proteins which inevitably

brings us to sickness.


The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan of October 8, 1965, which says that the

intake of reduced water (hydrogen-rich water) is effective for restoration of floral metabolism.


Hydrogen-Rich Water is also referred to as active hydrogen water,

alkaline water, alkaline ion water, antioxidant alkaline water, reduced water,

alkaline ionized water, alkali-ion water, all of which are created by electrolyzed reduced water appliances.

The biggest problem for electrolyzed reduced water is that (a) when you

drink such reduced water, all of the active hydrogen (H - one atom of hydrogen )

in water will be evaporated, and even molecular hydrogen (H2) in water

will diminish rapidly. We know this, since we measured all samples water with our H & H2 Detector. 

Another problem is that you cannot carry an electrolyzed reduced water

appliance whenever you go out. When you carry reduced water, then molecular

hydrogen in reduced water will be reduced rapidly.

That is the reason why we need to carry our portable plastic mineral water 

bottle with a gActive Hydrogen Water Generator H-01 h in it all the time,

in order to keep our body healthy.


A redox potential of various water :
(The following measurement of a redox potential was made by TOA DKK ORP Meter RM-20P.)

REDUCED WATER                             OXIDIZED WATER
(Hydrogen-Rich Water)                                      (Hydrogen-Poor Water)

                                                                               FIGURE 1

Please understand a redox potential with + plus is not effective in curing, improving symptoms of illness
and preventing diseases. As a matter of fact, it is the cause of many types of illnesses.
We call such water Hydrogen-Poor Water.

You should  drink water with a redox potential of - minus, in order to cure, improve your health and prevent diseases.
We call this Hydrogen-Rich Water.

When you make hydrohen-rich water with our Active Hydrogen Water Generator, you can use cold boiled
water or mineral water or purified water.


    A    Hydrgen-Rich Water
     B    Tap Water

    Figure 2

Hydrogen-Rich water is the same as Hot-Spring Water, alkalized water.
A :
We put salad oil into Hydrogen-Rich Water. Then we shook the bottle up and down
in order to mix salad oil with Hydrogen-Rich Water.
As you well see a picture from
figure 2 A., salad oil will completely dissolve into Hydrogen-Rich
Water and turns a whitish colour. Its appearance remained white for a day (24 hours)
or several days. When we mix salad oil and Hot-Spring Water, it shows the same
phenomenon of turning white.
Therefore, you can prove Hydrogen-Rich Water is the same as hot-spring water and alkalized wter.
Hence, it goes to prove that you do not need to buy expensive hot-spring water.

B :
When we put salad oil into tap water, salad oil and tap water do not mix, and salad oil separates from tap water and the water becomes transparent.
Important notice :
We sell our product, Hydrogen-Rich Water H-01 strictly as dietary supplements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our Hydrogen-Rich Water is not registered as a medical device in Japan and in the rest of the world. Best Ecotech Company and its authorized distributors neither make nor guarantee any medical claims. The results noted cannot be foretold or guaranteed.