Miracle healing water   


Miracle healing waters have been discovered in Mexico, Germany, India,

France, Japan and China.


 1. Miracle healing water in Tlacote in Mexico :

Tlacote in Mexico Over 8 million people have visited Tlacote so far


A) Waiting for the chance to experience a miracle, a line of people often stretched

for over a mile on a dusty road in the little town of Tlacote, Mexico. More

than 10,000 a day sometimes came to visit Jesus Chahin's well and to take

away a can or two of the famous miracle water, which is said to have

cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol.

Magic Johnson


A famous NBA basketball player, Magic Johnson announced in 1991 that he had

tested positive for HIV and was retiring from the NBA. Magic visited Tlacote

in order to try to cure his condition. 


Chahin has been giving the water away since he accidentally discovered its

healing properties by observing its swift healing effect on a farm dog who

lapped up some of it.

Wayne Peterson of Washington DC reported that his father had been diagnosed

with intestinal cancer, which had eaten holes through his intestines. His father

took some of the water from the Tlacote well for several days. A visit to

a new group of doctors only days later showed there was no evidence of cancer,

and all of his body functions appeared to be normal.


B) About Miracle healing water in Tlacote in Mexico :

Special Mission Research 200X uMiracle healig water [ Mystery of Tlacote [ Does Tlacote miracle Healing water cure all kinds of diseases ?v was televised on Japanese TV.

According to this TV programme, at Montevideo General Hospital in Uruguay, Dr.Gracela Camps Salaberry who is a clinician performed laboratory tests,

using Tlacote Miracle Healing Water for the treatment of 3,673 patients of with ages ranging between 14

and 84 years old.

Tlacote Montevideo Hospital Dr. Gracela Camps Salaberry Patients

The clitical test results in improving diseases were reported as fllows :
The rate of improvement made in diseases
HIV (Human Immundodeficiency Virus) 100%
Allergy 99%
Skin disease 96%
Respiratory disease 89%
Digestive organ disease 91%
Arthrosteitis 87%
Diabetes 88%

Our Hydrogen-Rich Water is equivalent to this " Miracle Healing Water ".

Since active hydrogen and molecular hydrogen evaporate relatively quickly, you must actually visit Tlacote

in order to cure chronic diseases. However, since you can obtain Hydrogen-Rich Water all the time and anyplace,

you do not need to visit Tlacote.

2. Miracle healing water in Nordenau in Germany :


After the miraculous healing well in Mexico, another healing water source has

been found, in Germany, 100 km east of Dusseldorf. A spring of very pure water,

it was discovered in a cave in a disused slate mine at Nordenau, a district

of Schmalenberg, which is also a popular ski resort.


Guido Brandenburg interviewed some of the pilgrims for the German newspaper

Bild. An old woman told him that after covering her blind eye with the water, she

can now see; an ex-miner said his back was healed and he has thrown away

his crutch. Another woman said: "I always had problems with high blood

pressure and was afraid of collapsing. I went to the grotto with my blood pressure

at 160/100. I came out with 130/100. Now the blood pressure is constant,

a fact which my doctor cannot explain."


3. Miracle healing water in Nadana in India :


Nadana in India

In Nadana village, about 150 km north of Delhi, India, water began gushing out

of a deserted tubewell in September of 1992. Some local villagers who bathed

in the water reported that the "medicinal" and "magical" qualities of the well

cured their skin diseases. Word quickly spread, and now a constant stream of

people visits the village daily to gain the benefits of the water. A five-year-old

polio victim was reportedly cured to a large extent after bathing there. Most

people who go into the water report physical improvements of some type. The

owner of the well, Mr Mamraj, one of the village leaders, was reportedly

offered a large sum of money from people who wished to buy the well. He

rejected the proposal, saying he wanted to use the well for the people,

not for making money.


4) Miracle healing water in Lourdes in France :


Every Easter sees the start of the annual pilgrimage season in the little town

of Lourdes in the French Pyrenees. Over the next seven months, five million

visitors will flock to the town to drink, or bathe in, the spring water there. It's

famous for its miracle cures. Most of the pilgrims are Catholics, many of which

are ill or disabled.


The Lourdes story begins in 1858, when a poor 14-year-old French girl

saw a ghostly woman in white, in a shallow cave near the town. Over

a period of month, Bernadette Soubirous saw the woman eight times. The vision

said she was the Virgin Mary. She said she wanted a chapel built on the site and

for people to come in procession, and she revealed the location of the spring.


From very early days, the spring water showed miraculous qualities. First,

a woman with a paralyzed hand was healed. More cures followed and the

crowds haven't stopped coming since.

The diseases cured involve : g tumours, tuberculosis, ophthalmitis,

impetigo, bronchitis, paralysis g.





5.  Miracle healing water in other places :


In addition to the above places, healing waters have been discovered in

China, Australia and Japan, and many of other places in the world as well. 


No one has mentioned, however, the reason why they are called miracle

healing waters.  The simple truth is that, according to Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata

(Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University) , so

called miracle healing waters all contain Active Hydrogen (atomic hydrogen)

and Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in water.  Since active hydrogen

evaporates within 0.3-0.7 seconds after generating it, and hydrogen also

evaporates relatively quickly from a plastic water bottle, due to hydrogen

being the lightest element.  Therefore, you must actually visit those sources of

the miracle waters in order to cure chronic disease.


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e H & H2 Detector e, you do not need to visit such places, and you can

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