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Feb.11,2002 (Mon)

# Fandam:

_ Special plenary session of the Nippon SF Fan Group Association Committee was held at 10th Febrary, for discussing the category of Seiun Award. In recent years, robot (e.g. Sony AIBO and Honda P-2) frequently won non-fiction category. Not a few people complains that non-fiction category is for books and peole who give their vote for robot simply don't read non-fiction books.

_ In this session, they concluded that non-fiction category is divided into non-fiction and non-section category.

Feb.13,2002 (Wed)

# Magazine: SF Magazine March 2002. (Hayakawa)

_ Featured 'Neal Stephenson and new generation writers'. Translated Stephenson's essay and interview. As a new generation writer, also translated Andy Duncan's Novelette 'the Pottawatomie Giant' (by Furusawa Yoshimichi) and Ted Chiang's Novella 'Seventy-Two Letters' (by Shimada Yo-ichi).

_ Novelette by Ishiguro Tatsuaki, "Kibo Hoya" (Sea Squirt of Hope) is medical SF. In 1970s America, a lawyer whose daughter is suffering from neuroblastoma struggle to save his daughter. and graphic short story series by Fujiwara Youkou (design & art) and Hayashi Jouji (story), "Kotonoha no Umi, Katashiro no niwa" Piece 3: "Ware to Jibun no Koi" (Love between I and Me). This series change story writer every piece. In first piece, story writer is Makino Osamu, and in second piece, is Kitano Yusaku(he won 22th Nippon SF Award). Hayashi Jouji is rising hard-SF writer. Serial by Kanbayashi Chohei, "Hadae no Shita"(Below Skin) 14th, and also serial by Tani Koshu, "Pandora". They are Japanese front rank SF writer. And many review and column. Cover by Hiroki Mafuyu.

# Person: Ishiguro Tatsuaki

_ Ishiguro is a doctor at the University of Tokyo. He has been considered as a mainstream literary writer.

_ He was nominated for the Akutagawa Award for fiction (most authentic and famous award for mainstream literary) in 1994 and 2002. Also, he was nominated for Seiun Award at Japanese short-form category in 2001.

_ His fiction which is based on deep medical knowlegde and has a brief and hard style as if a medical paper gives you the depth and emotion of science.

_ Uuhm... my poor english ability can't say enough comment. Sorry.

Feb.15,2002 (Fri)

# Hayakawa announced new library.

_ Hayakawa Publishing Inc. announced the publication of new library "Japanese SF Entertainment Series" at April 2002 in guide book "SF ga Yomitai" (We Want to Read SF).

# Person: Ohno Shu-ichi

_ It was appeared at Takeda Yasuhiro's diary (Takeda is GAINAX director) that the editor in chief of Japanese SF magazine "SF Japan" and "Tokuma dual library" , Ohno Shu-ichi will combine with the editor in chief of Japanese most famous animation magazine "Animage".

Feb.17,2002 (Sun)

# Best SF 2001

_ Best SF 2001 was announced at "SF ga Yomitai!"(We want to read SF!). Best SF 2001 is elected by Japanese SF writers, reviewers, critics and so on. following is list.

_ Japanese
1. Kitano Yusaku, Kamekun (Mr. Turtle, Tokuma dual library)
2. Kobayashi Yasumi ΑΩ (Alpha Omega, Kadokawa)
3. Okuizumi Hikaru, Chorui Gakusha no Fantajia (Fantasia of Ornithologist, Shuei-sha)
4. Tanaka Hirofumi, Ginga Teikoku no Kobo mo Fudeno Ayamari (Kukai in Galactic Empire, Hayakawa library JA)
5. Taniguchi Hiroki, Dog Fight (Tokuma Shoten)
6. Nojiri Hosuke, Fuwa Fuwa no Izumi (The Fountains of sponge, Famitsu library)
7. Kaneko Ryuichi, Shinseiki Mirai Kagaku (Future Science, Yawata Shoten) (Nonfiction)
8. Suno Masayuki, Kuroi Hotoke (Black Buddha, Kodansha)
9. Yoshikawa Ryotaro, Pero za kyatto Zen-shigoto (The Collected Works of Perro the Cat, Tokuma shoten)
10. Noa Azusa, Sodomu no Ringo (Apple of Sodom, Hayakawa shobo)

_ Foreign
1. Greg Egan, Oceanic and Other Stories (Translated and Edited by Yamagishi Makoto, Hayakawa Library SF)
2. 20 Seiki SF1-6 (Twentieth Century SF 1-6, Edited by Yamagishi Makoto and Nakamura Toru, Kawade Library)
3. Bruce Sterling, Taklamakan (American Title A Good Old-fashioned Future, Translated by Ogawa Takashi and Ohmori Nozomi, Hayakawa Library SF)
4. Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere (Translated by Yanashita Kiichiro, Interbooks)
5. Robert J. Sawyer, Flashforward (Translated by Uchida Masayuki, Hayakawa Library SF)
6. Iain M. Banks, The Players of Games (Translated by Asakura Hisashi, Kadokawa Library)
7. Michael Marshall Smith, Only Forward (Translated by Shimada Yo-ichi, Sony Magazines)
8. Ian Watson, Orgasmachine (Translated by Ohshima Yutaka, Core Magazine)
9. Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois ed. Hackers (Fusosha Overseas Library)
10. Arther C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, The Light of Other Days (Translated by Fuyukawa Wataru, Hayakawa Library SF)

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