Try to make Hentena for 10m

Design :

No (1) - (4) parts are shown in the picture below.

How to make it .. ( for your refference. )

Close-up pitures :

(1) Feeding point
(Need water protection! and this is sortterm use. It is beter to replace coax cable to more hevy-duty one. It is better to have a 1:1 balan to convert balanced-unbalanced conversion and it helps SWR issues)
(2) T-Junction (Sliding capability to adjust)

Using two Solder-less terminal with a set of 3mm bolt & nut (It's easy for "S" adjustment)
(3) Pipe-pipe connection
R-Pin (for field operation only)
For long term use, need to use stenless bolt instaed.

(4) Pipe-Wire connection
Using self-tapping bolt

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