Spindle sander

Feb. 6/2010
I made Spindle sander. I used a secondhand motor and a slide bearing unit. See the drawing.
1.The motor is the one of the electric fan for the home. I thinks that it is possible to use if small but being small sander.
2.Cutting of the unnecessary screw part.
3.The extension pipe of the motor shaft. It's OD12mm~ID8mm pipe.
4.fixes a pipe on the motor shaft with the insertion spring pin.
5.The eccentric plate.It is 8mm excentric.It leans 8mm. Therefore, the spindle stroke is 16 mm.
6.Connection plate. Bearing in it.
7.Cutting of the linear shaft.
8.M5 Tapping to the linear bearing unit.
9.Tapping to the linear bearing unit on M5.
10.Cutting of the 8mm PVC plate by band saw.
11.Assembly of motor unit.
12.Making the body. It's gum tree board.
13.Cutting of gum tree board.
14.temporary assembly. It moved smoothly.
15.Dust collector port on the table.
16.Making a ditch of the side frame.
17.The screw part which stops the knob of the crankshaft to adjust a position at the top and the bottom of the motor.
18.The back cover. 5.5 mm thickness.
19.This is the knob which moves a crankshaft.
20.Making a crank and the shaft. It is 8mm excentric.

Jan. 28/2010
21.This is the bearing of the crankshaft.However, I merely made a hole only.
22.Assembly. The movement became more smooth because it hung a motor in the spring.
23.Front. The hole at the center is an air intake port. Its right is a power switch.
24.Back. The pipe is dust collector port.It uses a knob below for the motor positioning.
25.This is mandrel pipe of sanding dram. ø10*12mm.
26.Turning of inserting mandrel in the timber.
27.Gluing a magic tape to dram.
28.Fix the sanding dram with the M8 nut.
Test run. It's a good.