Works of wood turning    [Page5]

Jan. 01/2004
The Bowl which used laminated wood.
I challenged the middle type bowl turning that use in gum tree laminated wood like the last time.
This time, My subject is " the bowl to make with lamina ".
1.I marked with compass the half circle. As for outside the circle, only the thickness and +1mm of the board makes a radius big.
2.I tilts the table of bandsaw to 45 degrees and I cuts out a semicircle.
3.A board was divided into eight sheets. The material doesn't have loss.
4.I was drilling an insert for Collet chuck in bottom. It's indent for 50 mm diameter and 6mm depth.
5.I glues together a cut semicircle with the yellow glue.
6.I do the turning of the outside. It is difficult for sharpness to change in respect of grain and cut end, if it becomes the size of only this, and to delete with sufficient accuracy. Skill is required.
7.Finish of a bottom pushed the bowl against the plate of Ring chuck, and pushed and cut the center of a bottom. It can set easily, But it is a fault that a flaw remains in a center.
8.After staining with WATCO oil, it finished by the buffing.
9.I made the mandrel of short size, in order to polish the inside of a bowl. It's screw 3/4".
The turning is possible at carfed laminated wood which can be bought cheaply. I think that it is epoch-making for poor Turner.
230mm Dia * 120mm Tall.