Travel Workshop; Daumenreise

Daumenreise 22: Ludwigsburg Mix, Germany  

Ehrliche wurst 正直者のソーセージ

2011 / 2min.45sec.

at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg



My favorite bread in Germany is of course Bretzel mit Schnittlauch !

This film start from the logo which we can see so many times in festivals. Students will get free sausage in the end of semester, called

Ehrliche wurst (honest sausage).

Daumenreise 21: Casablanca Mix, Morocco  

Casa Nayda カサ・ナイーダ  

2011 / 4min.31sec.

at Festival Casanim


My first step to Africa ! Attendees were not only from Morocco, but also from Jordan, Yemen, and Tunisia. For making music, they showed different wonderful rhythms with beating desks. Unforgettable.

Daumenreise 20: Tainan Mix2, Taiwan  

藝南旺  Too hard to forget 忘れられない  

2010 / 3min.22sec.

at Tainan National University of the Arts


Tainan National University of the Arts again. It was no problem for them to find something new which was not appeared in the first one. Clever students. Also I was glad to meet 2 of ex-students as teachers.

Daumenreise 19: Estonia Mix  

Suvehetk 夏の瞬間  

2011 / 2min.14sec.

Maya Yonesho independent

2010年、夏至の日前後のエストニアに三週間滞在して撮影。スカパー!ECO MUSIC TV「旅するアニメーション エストニア 米正万也 親指の旅」でメイキングが紹介されています。やっと完成しました。

Shot in Estonia in 3 weeks staying around “Jaanipaeve (the longest day). Some making scene can be seen in “Traveling animation in Estonia, Maya Yonesho the Thumb Trip” of ECO MUSIC TV of SKY PerfecTV. Finally I completed it in 2011.

Daumenreise 18: Gulbene Mix, Latvia  

kis mis ar rosinem  

2010 / 3min.44sec.

at Art School of Gulbene


From 11 years old to graduates and teachers made this film together. Wonderful sense of colors in beautiful landscapes. I really enjoyed my staying. Enjoyed very much the pink colored summer soup which was seen in Poland too.

Daumenreise 17: Vienna Mix2, Austria  

rundMADum in Vienna 

2010 / 5min.28sec.

at Culture2Culture, Tricky Women festival


I learnt a lot from this first trial of “adult only” workshop. Vienna has full of things to draw, for not only the second but the third, forth or more films.

Daumenreise 16: Belgrade Mix, Serbia  

Flipping though Belgrade  

2010 / 4min.30sec.

at University of Arts in Belgrade


Half of them came from Greece. They were first time to come to Belgrade like me, we enjoyed with nice guide of Serbian students. Doctor degree students were also included, so it became perfect.

Daumenreise 15: Hiroshima Mix, Japan  

Peace in Hiroshima!   

2010 / 2min.30sec.

at Hiroshima city museum of contemporary art


This workshop was only in one day in the museum for children, but some parents also joined us. This scene was shot with “kote” a special tool to cook okonomiyaki, a popular food in Hiroshima.

Daumenreise 14: St.Louis Mix, USA 

Ani-meet me in St.Louis  

2010 / 5min.53sec.

at Webster University


They said NY is NY, LA is LA and St.Louis is America. They have a memorial gate of “go west”. Added making of movie to fit the movie length to improvised piano and it worked very well.

Daumenreise 13: Crema Mix, Italy  

Ragazzi alla Crema  

2010 / 1min.33sec.

via internet


A new trial to do workshop from far east Japan to Italy, via internet. We tried to use “JustLeapIn” but had trouble and changed to Skype.

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