Japanese iris(Iris ensata) flowers
and a tower over the pond

SANKEIEN Garden is located in Yokohama-City. Mr. Tomitaro
Hara was an active businessman who lived in the port town of
Yokohama. He succeeded in exporting Japanese silk to foreign
countries in the Meiji Period (1868-1912). After his success, he
made this garden for his pleasure. In the latter period of his life,
he invited young artists to his garden and dedicated himself to
the progress of the Japanese art world. He was a quite liberal-
minded person, and made his garden open to the public. People
thus enjoyed cherry blossom viewing or the autumn color of
leaves because of his generosity. In 1953, the Hara family
donated the garden to Yokohama-City. Since then, SANKEIEN
garden has been one of the symbolic places in the port town of
Yokohama. SANKEI is Tomitaro Hara's pen name, while EN means
garden in Japanese.
Access: Located in Honmoku Sannotani, Naka-ku, Yokohama-
City. 30 minutes by bus from Yokohama Station.

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Japanese iris flowers
and wooden boat

People are resting
under an arbor of Wisteria

a beautiful bridge over the pond

Azalea flowers and pine trees
by the road

Japanese Azalea exhibition
at the garden in June

potted Azaleas are placed
under the roof of
a Japanese house

People are feeding geese

Visitors are feeding
Japanese colored carp

Visitors are resting at
a Japanese-style house

Japanese restaurant in the
Staff welcome foreigners

old stone basin

a stone lantern and
a stone basin

an old building moved
from some temple

an old building moved
from some temple
and a stone lantern

the guest house of SANKEIEN
Garden with a roof made of straw

entrance of guest house
decorated with potted Azaleas

an old stone tower
over the hill

(Pinus parviflora)
by the pond