Cultivar "HIMEYAKKO"

It seems that clivias were introduced to Japan in the middle of
the Meiji Period (1968-1912). It is said that Clivia nobilis was first
brought to Japan. Clivias are called KUNSHIRAN (= noble person'
s orchid) in Japanese. The word RAN literally means an orchid,
but people also use this word for indicating noble or aristocratic
plants. Therefore, it is said that someone translated the species
name nobilis into Japanese and made this name. However, the
first clivia plants brought to Japan were actually Clivia
cyrtanthiflora (hybrid between Clivia nobilis and Clivia miniata). A
few years ago, the famous clivia breeder, Mr. Yoshikazu
Nakamura, imported real plants of Clivia nobilis and then he
noticed the difference between the real ones and the plants
called Clivia nobilis in Japan. Some years later, Clivia miniata was
introduced to Japan. During the TAISHO Period (1912-1926),
Clivia miniata became popular in Japan. After that, Clivia miniata
have been appreciated by the Japanese as pot plants up until
now. Clivia cyrtanthiflora (so-called Clivia nobilis in Japan) is no
longer popular.
Why are the Japanese fond of clivias? Probably because its total
form looks like the Japanese traditional foliage plant Rohdea
japonica. In addition, clivias have beautiful flowers, even though
Rohdea japonica flowers are small and not showy. After some
breeders imported small cultivars from Europe in the 1960s,
 Japanese clivia enthusiasts and breeders tried to create dwarf
cultivars with various different kinds of foliage. It said that they
imported Belgian strain cultivars from Germany and selected
small plants for breeding dwarf cultivars. From these they have
created the Daruma strain with short and broad leaves. They
treat Daruma stain cultivars as one of the Japanese traditional
foliage plants. Daruma strain cultivars with variegated leaves are
planted in traditional decorative pots called NISHIKI BACHI at
exhibitions. Unfortunately, other breeders have not focused on
breeding beautiful flowers. It is only Mr. Nakamura in Japan who
has focused on breeding clivias with various types of flowers for
the last 20 years. Now he is counted as one of best breeders in
the world. For further information on his clivias, please refer to
his page.

Clivia Website in Japan
The CLIVIAN website is created by Sasaki who learns about clivia breeding from Mr. Nakamura. There are so many images of clivia flowers or clivia plants with interesting leaf form and variegation. They are all bred in Japan. (English)
This website is created by Toshi. I think his website is the oldest one on clivias in the world. He started collecting Japanese clivias first, and then came to collect all types of clivia from around the world. I think the pages on Japanese clivias are especially of interest to you.


Daruma strain plants
in a big pot


dwarf form of
Daruma strain

AKEBONO variegation

FUKURIN variegation

GENPEI variegation

TAIHOU variegation

multipetal flower

yellow flower

C.cyrtanthiflora, so called
"C.nobilis" in Japan

cultivar "Candoll"
bred by Mr.Nakamura