electro Magnetic slime

  1. Purpose

    Making slime with iron powder into a magnetic fluid, and enjoy its movement.

  2. Preparations

    powder of triiron tetraoxide, powder of borax, laundry starch (with PVA), two beakers , a glass rod, a neodymium magnet (rare earth magnet), a pan

  3. How to make

    Warming the PVA
    Mixing PVA with borax
    (Click the picture to make it large)

  4. Result

    The slime will be atrracted to the magnet, as if it were living and it would eat the magnet.

    Bringing the magnet near the slime.
    The slime is attracted.
    As if the slime eat the magnet.
  5. About this experiment

    Making slime is offen done in many primary schools as a interesting experiment. Why do the PVA become the slime? It is explained that the bridge formation is made in the PVA molecule by the borax.

    Who put the iron powder in the slime and made it magnetic slim at the first time, are Mr. Shinichi Yamamoto, a teacher of Toyama Highschool in Tokyo, Mr. Junichi Kodera, a teacher of Kobanei-kita Highschool in Tokyo, and Mr. Takumi Yoshida, a teacher of Notsuda Highschool in Tokyo. I was tought this expereiment from them, and adviced by Mr. Masatoshi Sakrai. I give special thanks for them.

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