Handmade speaker basic lecture B


    Handmade speaker basic lecture B

 It is a basic lecture for making a handmade speaker.
 From a beginner, please also looking-obtain maniacs and enjoy
 a handmade speaker.
 It was made the English version so that he could also understand
 overseas one.


  Introduction of the speaker of Mr. Nagaoka design
 it is easy to make 500 from the speaker of a certain Mr. Nagaoka, and an effect
 is high
 The speaker was packed. It goes into a hand about a plan now.
 A thing can be purchased from the acquisition method. It is related with books
 out of print, and is [ this ].
 Please look at E-speaker service and ask a question.

 (3) The speaker of 8 cm

 (1) Rear Canon Mini

  The full length of a resonance pipe is 3M, height 1615, and a unit with the
  resonance pipe of 1-time bending.
 it attaches to 1215mm from the bottom -- having -- rear one -- as height of
 business,  it is enough

 a common maker speaker -- rear one -- it is [ nothing of the height of business ]
  and is too low
 Although Surroun in a movie theater is also so, a speaker is in a not much low place.
 It does not become precocious. a sofa etc. -- sitting down -- a front -- 900mm
  of the height of an ear, and rear -- good It is good that a speaker is in a high 

  A unit is FE83E and a front is Nessie Min, and D-118 and a super swan.
 In the case where it was alike and carries out, I think that rear does not win,
 and rear と is carried out and it is satisfactory.

 The high region is also enough extended [ the number of reproduction frequency
 bands ] by the top by 30kHz.

  The rear canon Mini is resonance pipe full length 3M.
  Side 180mm A height of 1615mm Depth of 180mm
  Plywood 15mm 2 sheet (board)
   Speaker attachment hole attachment hole 72mm



 (2) F-81 Slim Eight

  An overly slim speaker only with the design for FE83, and a width of 96cm
 Structure is not known in a sound maze or a back load.

 Since there is 3.4m or more of Sound Way, they can also be called resonance
  pipe Feel massive [ of Low sound ], if it puts in among furniture, such as a
 It is thought that it becomes. FE83E which became ES corn can be used.

   Half[ one sheet and ]-use 12mm thick 910×1820mm plywood.


 B-1 D-83 flamingo

  It was designed by FE83 at the beginning. It is upgraded FE83E now.It can

 Depth is deep in order to take the capacity of a head.
 The feature is the speaker which can be sounded with that it can use in the
  narrow room, and a four-and-a half-mat Japanese room.

 I think that it is good for the direction which makes especially a handmade
  speaker for the first time.
 It is surprised at the feeling of a scale and the feeling of a sound place which
 cannot be regarded as 8cm 1 [ from ].

  It is saying that the direction of junior high school student grade and a woman
  can also do as for having taken up this time.

Since it of a man is also only a maniac person when it is
       called a handmade speaker

 I want to make such a dear speaker from a family very much.

 When small to it, a handmade speaker is known from from, and they are the
  beauty of sound, and low-pitched sound.
 I feel forcibleness and think that music takes to it.
 Please tell me beautiful classic music by all means especially.

      Use two 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood.


It is dealt with also by this HP. It
       passes and is a link.

 B-2 D-88 super flamingo

  They are correspondence and the design change version of a flamingo
  to FE88ES (limited sale).
  The contents product of a head is changed into the full length of 2530mm of
  1.2l. and Sound Way

 For a high region, low-pass is a large room to 30Hz to 20kHz because of 8cm.
 If it is the room of about 6 mats, it can sound with remarkable volume.

     Two 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood is used.



 (4) D-108 Cobra

  It is the design for FE83. Spiral phon (it has swirl type Sound Way

 A design cobra with using a long neck and two units
 Since it is good, it is popular. 2.1l. of contents products and FE83E upgrade.
 A grade is higher than FE83 at (ES corn adoption). It will be FE83E if it makes.

     Half[ one sheet and ]-use 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood.


 D-1 D-109 king cobra

  The upgrade version of the cobra of two FE88ES(s) (limited sale) use
  outside 2.5l. of contents products and the body is 450x400x210mm.

 Two 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood is used. Sound is also good in looks.
 It waits for re-sale of FE88ES.

 D-2 D-109S King cobra supermarket

  The body of D-109 tended to be enlarged, and it was going to extend , and
  was designed.

     Two 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood is used.

 (6) D-105
  It is the design only for FE88ES(s) (limited sale). CW phon (phon with fixed width)
 The capacity of an air room is 1.4l. and Sound Way is 2450mm.

  Use two sheets and one 300x900 for 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood.

 The assembly is easy as a back load phon. Into the portion of the shape of
  stairs of a opening
 It is Low sound , if it is filled up with a child gravel or Lead and covers with
 cloth or felt on it.
 An effect is in increase or the improvement in tone quality.

 It waits for re-sale of FE88ES.


 (4) The speaker of 10 cm

 A popular thin shape back load phon
 @-1 D-118.1

  FE108ESII (limited sale)
 It corresponds to FE108E (unit only for back loads of the H.P. oscillating version).
 A tall boy slim with the 10cm version of D-58 or D-37
 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood is half[ two sheets and ]-used.

 Sand or a pebble is put into a plastic bag in the space of the shape of stairs
 of a bottom.
 If it places, Low sound will increase further.

  There are two kinds of plans. Only for a front decoration board, differences
 are looks but. It is better to be attached.

 The board of 29 was added in D-118.1 (the stereo April [ 2001 to ] issue)
 (design way (5).


   It decorates with D-118 (design way (3)), and the board is not attached.

O When the adapter ring P-108 made from true is used, it is the clear
     feeling of Low sound increases further.

Unit FE108EΣ

 @-2 D-118.2

Make D-118 from unit FE88 ES-R.

  For the depth of an air room, in D-118.1, FE88 ES-R is 57mm at 60mm.
sake -- a margin -- there was nothing . Then, it is if it makes from a
  board not much and Speaker attachment hole is made into a two-sheet pile.
 It is set to 75mm. I thought that it arranged, if it was this.

 the request which this says in fact from a reader, "wants to sound D-118
  with FE88 ES-R"

 It is because it was.

 a stereo magazine -- D-118.1 -- I was but set to D-118.2

D-118.2 is D-55 D-58 and an affiliated back load phon.
 And it is popular for a smart slim type. It is a two-sheet pile about Speaker
 attachment hole
 Since it carried out and this effect also comes out, there is merit of killing
  two birds with one stone.


  A terminal is 10 and establish it in the position of 50mm from up back.
 When super Tweeter adds as the same position as D-55, removal
 It becomes easy.

 A terminal uses T100-/T150 B/P24B.
 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood is half[ two sheets and ]-used.

        A cut should use E-plywood cut service.

             D-118.2 Masao Ida FE88 ES-R is used.

 The NO1st place

(2) D-101S Super Swan

 FE108ESII (limited sale)
 It corresponds to FE108E
  (unit only for back loads of the H.P. oscillating version).
 A model with most people who are making with the standard
  machine of swan series

 The contents product of 1.9l. of a head, a length of 2450mm of Sound
 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood is half[ two sheets and ]-used.

 A nail and no wood screw are used. A unit cannot be considered to be 10cm.
 Super Low sound [ like ] comes out. The direction heard for the first time
  is a surprise speaker.
 The feature is for a rear opening to be able to use a back wall.
 If back is used as the wall, Super Low sound will come out of it.

  It is the feature that it can use as main similarly to D-118 in the room of
 6-mat grade.

When the adapter ring P-108 made from true
      is used, it is the clear feeling of Lowsound. increases further.

  Such speaker -- things -- the plan of design way (4) which is not --
  the hole vacancy of the board of 25
  Size has leaked. The book of Kannon power is carried correctly.


    * Look at and pass here and it is a link.



 The optimal resonance pipe speaker for rear

 ( 3) F-102 Canon

 FE103E FE125K
 FE108E (unit only for back loads of the H.P. oscillating version)
 A resonance pipe is the the best for Surround

 it bends once, and comes out and, as for the full length of 2730mm,
  and an assembly, the L and R side is applicable -- as
  You have to construct.

Half[ two sheets and ]-use 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood. A nail
 and a wood screw are used entirely.
 It does not become precocious. It is good to raise accuracy using money.

 (4) QS106 Rear Canon II

  FE103E FE125K
 FE108ESII (limited sale)
 FE108E (unit only for back loads of the H.P. oscillating version)

 It was designed as a rear speaker used by Manufacture is FE106.
 Now, FE108ES sticks.

 A resonance pipe is the the best for Surround. It is 1-time bending and is
  the full length of 3000mm.
 You have to construct an assembly so that the L and R side may be applicable.
 Since there is also a difficult portion somewhat, I want to spend many hours

Use three 15mm thick 910×1820mm plywood. Neither a nail nor a wood
  screw is used.
  It is good to raise accuracy using money.



     * Look at and pass here and it is a link.


 Surround carries out rear と and it is recommendation.
  (5)Nessie Mini

The the best for Surround of the home theater in the room of 8 to 10
 It is a 10cm resonance pipe.

 A plan is carried in the method ship project of a mini of an audio accessories
 It was carried out and a front is as Nessie Jr and Nessie Mini of rear
 It was announced.
  Although it is the design of FE108ESII of limitation, FE108E can be used.

 The position of a unit is 90cm from a floor so that it can use also as a design
 being main.
 It is the almost same position as Nessie Jr. height fixation and is common at
 It is not troubled by the house.

  If cautions have necessity and gap in the accuracy of the portion which
 carries out a two-sheet pile as for an assembly
 Since it is not settled with , for prudent work, use of necessity and is size.
 The accuracy of bucket is different.

 Although the point of work of a resonance pipe is that there is no crevice
  if plywood maneuvers
 Although it understands, it curves and is
 It is a resonance pipe for there to be no crevice, or to check and correct
  before attaching a bond.
 It is required for work.

My handmade speaker Please look at Nessie Jr.

  FE108E -- output sound pressure level 90dB magnet weight 400g Fo-23kHz
 Full range which adopted HP oscillating board ES corn 1.2kg of gross weight

 Side 170mm A height of 1830mm Depth of 230mm
 100mm of Speaker attachment hole attachment holes Three 15mm plywood board)

   * Look at and pass here and it is a link.


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