Handmade speaker basic lecture G


Handmade speaker basic lecture G
                                      Masao Ida
 In order to make a speaker, matter is carried every minimum
 Please have a look from beginners to the direction of the method of a maniac.
 It is description of super Tweeter.
 The comment which I actually heard and were compared are the effects of
 super Tweeter

 Introduction of the speaker of Mr. Nagaoka design
 It is easy to make from the speaker of a certain Mr. Nagaoka, and 500
 are high Speed of an effect.
 The car was packed. It is the acquisition method which goes into a hand
 about a plan now. It can purchase more.
 * About books out of print, he looks at this E-speaker service, and ask
   a question.
  Please give.

  It updated. 05.8   
 (11) Super Tweeter and the connection method

            F-3000MKIII  Nessie MKIII
             Mr. Nagaoka manufacture

Unit T500A (phon super Tweeter.)
           It is about a 0.47-0.68-micro F capacitor.
           FE208ES  P208(adapter ring)


   Development from a full range

  There is full-range + alpha as improvement in a back load phon.
 The addition of Tweeter is the easiest. Or [ crossing Tweeter where ]
 Full range It decides in f characteristic. It is the network of one capacitor
  6 dB/oct
 There is 12 dB/oct as a network cut more sharply. However, calculation
 Since it is difficult, it is seldom used.

               6dB/oct                   12dB/oct

 In the capacitor of C, through and low-pitched sound do not let loud sound pass.
 In the coil of L, through and loud sound do not let low-pitched sound pass.

 Crossover frequency is decided with the value to connect using this character.
 It can even actually judge by calculation what sound calculation is difficult and
 It is not. If what is connected from the example actually used for connection
 rather than it
 We recommend you to judge whether it is good and to use.

  (1) Super Tweeter.

 It is a supermarket not to need a cabinet in the world of a handmade speaker.
 It is Tweeter A unit is carried and placed and a stand is simply made in handmade.

  Compass required for audio reproduction is 20Hz - 20kHz. CD is to 20kHz.
 The place on which super Tweeter which reproduces 30kHz or more was put
 He may be disguised as a tone quality complete change and a fresh sound.
 Specifically, it is with its ear.
 It judges, and although not spread, it is interesting if it tries.

 It is said that the reproduction capability of a speaker is to 20Hz - 100kHz.
 The unit of has much reproduction to 20kHz grade, and super Tweeter is
 more than it.
 It is the unit which reproduces 20kHz or more of

 Connection of super Tweeter and a capacitor
 If super Tweeter is connected with one capacitor, the sound of a speaker
 By the speaker using [ changing is especially known from ancient times and ]
 a full range It is convenient.

Use of attenuator
 If not only a capacitor but attenuator is used, < sound pressure level can
 be adjusted finely.
 Continuation good transformation is convenient for this. There is a knob which
 hits volume in this.
 An incoming signal can be decreased when the level of super Tweeter is too high.
 Capacitor x1 and attenuator x1 are used to 1 set of speakers.

 attenuator can be dropped when the efficiency of Tweeter is too high.
 The high region of high going up said well can be subtracted like 1db-12db.
 The high region is jarring although only a capacitor can be used in my experience.
 A case considers that it is better to use attenuator

  (2) The Usage of Network
O Connection of full-range + super ツィーター
 1. Combine attenuator and a capacitor.
  Is the combination of a network with a full range 1.0 micro F first in any cases?
 We recommend you attenuator R80B as a 1.5-micro F capacitor.
 Important:, in this case crossover frequency are set to 19.9kHz by 1.0 micro F.
 It is set to 13.3kHz by
1.5micro F.
 Although crossed on high frequency, they are the growth by the side of a full range
 and the sound pressure of Tweeter
 Even if it thinks, it becomes exactly good frequency.

Combination with a full range

 (1) 10Cm FE108 EΣBH/D-118 / D-101 Super Swan
  FE108EΣ (number foof reproduction frequency bands - 23kHz) is used.
  T90A / capacitor CS1.0 (1.0 micro F) / attenuator R80B is combined.

 (2) 16Cm FE168 EΣBH/D-37/D-168 Super Rare / Nessie Jr
 FE108EΣ (number foof reproduction frequency bands - 21kHz) is used.
 T90A or T925A/capacitor CS1.5 (1.5 micro F) attenuator R80B
 It combines.
 (3) 20Cm FE208 EΣaBH/D - D-55/[ 3MkII / ] D-58/D-58ES/Nessie MKII
 FE208EΣ (number foof reproduction frequency bands - 14kHz) is used.
 T925A or T900A / capacitor CS1.5 (1.5 micro F) / attenuator R80B
 It combines.

 * Crossover frequency : (1) crosses 19.9kHz and (2)(3) by 13.3kHz.
 In the direction which considers the addition of super Tweeter in the
 back load phon
We recommend you this connection method.

  Crossover frequency
 If the low-pass signal which exceeded reproduction capability in Tweeter
 for high regions is inputted
 The voice coil of a unit is destroyed. For this reason, recommendation
 crossover frequency
 It is set up. That is, it is the meaning which it uses above this frequency.

 although it is it something to cross
-- full range f characteristic and Tweeter
characteristic crosses.
 It is a place. This intersection is called crossover frequency.
 The characteristic is the number of reproduction frequency bands. Capability
 reproducible from low-pass to a high region is shown.

 Crossover frequency: The place where low-pass (left) and a high region (right)
 The portions which the direction of a solid line overlaps are many deep crossing.
 The direction of a dotted line is shallow crossing.

 The method of connection of attenuator/capacitor
 The example in the direction of D-118 / D-101 super swan
 T90A (super Tweeter) / capacitor CS1.0(1.0 micro F) /attenuator R80B
                  A top /FE108EΣ  The bottom /T90A

Reference :attenuator
 It is a tone control machine. Volume is quantity and attenuator is a fixed
 formula with an attenuation machine.
 There is continuation good transformation. What it is easy to use is continuation
 good transformation, and the level of Tweeter
 When too high, an incoming signal can be decreased like 1db-12db.
 It is possible to make it a favorite tone.

2. Only CS0.47 or CS0.68 Connects Capacitor.

 It is called 6 db/Oct type network.
 When crossover frequency is calculated electrically, at 0.33 micro F, it is 60kHz.
 6 db/Oct which falls gently-sloping although set to 40kHz with 29kHz by 0.68
 micro F by 0.47 micro F
 In order to carry out by being alike, it is the method which does not have a high
 region without attenuator noisily in addition.
 If it is the capacitor of low cost other than recommendation, it is bad in respect
 of quality.
 It is. We may have a bad influence and cannot recommend you.

Recommended super Tweeter
 Although GS90A suits anything, recommendation is T90A in the more nearly
 impossible one in respect of a price.
 Improvement is good to the thing of an expensive rank, using the beginning.
 T900A belongs to T90A and is gay touch.

  Although it is in connection with this and reverse , there is no sharp
 decrease. With one's ear, it is heard and comes out [ it is fond and ].
 It cannot but judge. Super Tweeter changes according to the kind of speaker.
 A top is a typical association. Please make it reference.


  Use a capacitor by connection of only CS0.47 or CS0.68.
  (Recommended combination)

  10cm FE108EsigmaBH D-118 D-101S super swan ............. T90A
  16cm FE108EsigmaBH D-37 D-168 super rare Nessie Jr.. T90A or T925A
  20cm FE208EsigmaBH D-3 mkIID-55D-58D-58ES Nessie MKII T925A or T900A
                                   NessieMKIII ..................... T500A

3. Network Does Not Have Necessity.
 A kind is not asked. GS90Ax2 Unnecessary
 It can upgrade with an internal-organs network easily.

  Recommended super Tweeter
 Although GS90A suits anything, recommendation is T90A in the more nearly
 impossible one in respect of a price.
 Improvement is good to the thing of an expensive rank, using the beginning.
 T900A belongs to T90A and is gay touch.
 From T90A to GS90A is the type added to a full range. Addition
 From former, it shifts to a high region and improves.

            Using GS90A, I heard it and did .
         Super-sound! Please look at the effect of super Tweeter.
4. Capacitor
  If super Tweeter is attached to a back load phon or a resonance pipe
  an eye will awake.
  he may be disguised as sound [ like ] The connection method is simplicity
  and a capacitor.
 The capacitor of Foatex is made for handmade.
 How about trying Nagaoka style connection?

 5. attenuator
 R82B is large power in super Tweeter, although it is input-proof [ quantity ] type.
 Since it does not enter, R80B is usually used.

 attenuator is a sound pressure level, if it combines with a capacitor.
 It can adjust finely. In volume.


 (3) Recommendation (Back Load Phon / Resonance Pipe Using Super Tweeter)

   (1) Nessie MKIII Phon Super Tweeter T500A is Used.

       The number of reproduction frequency bands 2kHz - 25kHz
          Output sound pressure level 102 dB/W (1m)

  (2) FE208 EΣBH/D - D-55/[ 3MkII / ] D-58/D-58ES/Nessie MKII
            Phon super Tweeter T900A is used.
                   Or T925A is used.

        The number of reproduction frequency bands 5kHz - 38kHz
           Output sound pressure level 106 dB/W (1m)

    (3) FE168 EΣBH/D-37/D-168 Super Rare / Nessie Jr
             Phon super Tweeter T925A is used.
                     Or T90A is used.

       The number of reproduction frequency bands 5kHz - 40kHz
          Output sound pressure level 108 dB/W (1m)

     (4) FE108 EΣBH/D-118 / D-101S Super Swan
               Phon super Tweeter T90A is used.

       The number of reproduction frequency bands 5kHz - 35kHz
            Output sound pressure level 106 dB/W (1m)


    (5) The attachment hole is required. It is the type used as 2 ways / 3 way.

         The number of reproduction frequency bands 4kHz - 33kHz
            Output sound pressure level 100 dB/W (1m)

  When T100 is used, it is main, and also a terminal is a code with super Tweeter.
 Since the hole of connection is large at a square shape even if it connects,
 it is comfortably connectable.
 It does not turn [ connection / with super Tweeter ] to the terminal where
 a connection hole is small.

      The congratulation super Tweeter T900A king completed.


       Please have a look from a making-super Tweeter T900A king page.


  I who make a super Tweeter T900A king design using T900A.
 It manufactures. The greatest merit of a super Tweeter addition is super-High region.
 The increase of sound and inside [ of former ] low-pass are that force increases
 more till then.

 Moreover, by making personally, it is although examined about the network until now.
 Consequently, sound is what has the same GS90A and a the same function that
 improved much more but.
 It was able to make.
 Since he wanted to make super Tweeter of a prejudice, an outside box is pure Buna
 It was used. It lengthened by carrying out it and a phon to the shape of a ring.
 There is this effect and it is sound.
 It became what comes out in front.

  A super Tweeter T900A king's king
 Since it was the place put on the super swan, and crown which a king wears,
 it was made the king.
 The super swan disguised itself as the D-101S super swan king.
 It was good to have designed according to a width of 160mm from the start.
 Although it is a D-58ES king in D-58ES, I think that naming is rather good.

     Used material

    Unit: Phon super Tweeter T900A
      Impedance 8ohm
      The number of reproduction frequency bands 5kHz - 38kHz
      Output sound pressure level 106 dB/w
      Recommendation crossover frequency 7kHz or more
      Magnet Weight of 4.7kg

    Network circuit
      attenuator :R80B
      Capacitor : CS1.5 (1.5 micro F)
      The 6 db/Oct same in an internal-organs network as GS90A
      With continuation good transformation attenuator
      Sound pressure level It adjusts by MIN 15 - 1 MAX.
      Design of a cabinet Masao Ida


   In this circuit, crossover frequency becomes 13.3kHz by 1.5 micro F.

   Unit FE208ES currently used by D-58ES
   For fo-13kHz, the number of reproduction frequency bands is crossed,
   when it is made these
1.5 micro F.
   In a furniture, frequency becomes good. however, going out exactly here
    -- if -- there is nothing -- gently-sloping
   It falls. A high region will be heard by super Tweeter.
   Moreover, since an output sound pressure level is 99dB, its T900A is as
   higher as 106dB, and it is attenuator
   It needed to decrease by Noether .

             attenuator R80B               Capacitor CS 1.5
Continuation good transformation

        In improvement in a back load phon
        The addition of super Tweeter is the optimal.
        Please inquire by all means.


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