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           This homepage introduces "yukimarimo" that was discovered at Dome Fuji, central Antarctic
               ice sheet,  in 1995 by the members of 36th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition.


 What is yukimarimo?

 In 1995, nine members of the 36th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-36) carried out the first year-round glaciological and meteorological observations at Dome Fuji Station, located at 3,810 m on the inland plateau of the Antarctic ice sheet. Members of JARE-36 observed an unusual phenomenon. Fine frost layers had formed on the snow surface at cold air temperatures (ranging from -59 to -72 °C), and frost balls had formed due to a weak wind condition.
   Dr. Kameda investigated the formation process of the balls and named them “yukimarimo”. “Yuki” means snow in Japanese and “marimo” is a ball-like plant found in some lakes in the northern hemisphere. So, yukimarimo means something like “snow ball” or “snow roller”. If you want to know more details about yukimarimo, please see Kameda et al. (1999) and Kameda (2007).

Kameda, T., H. Yoshimi, N. Azuma and H. Motoyama (1999): Observation of “yukimarimo” on the  snow  surface of the inland plateau, Antarctic ice sheet. Journal of Glaciology, 45, 150, 394-396.
Kameda, T.(2007):Discovery and reunion with yukimarimo. Seppyo (Journal of Japanese Society of Snow  and Ice), 69(3), 403-407 (in Japanese).

and also,
Amundsen, R.(1912): The South Pole. An account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the  “Fram”,  1910-1912 .Vol.1, Translated from the    Norwegian by A.G. Charter, London,  John Murray.
Siple, P.A.(1959): 90° South. The story of the American South Pole conquest. New York, 384p, G.P  Putnam's Sons.

Contact person:
    Dr. Takao Kameda
    E-mail:  yukimarimo"A"gmail.com (please change "A" to @)
    Scientific paper list of Dr. Takao Kameda (glaciology)

Since September 13, 2008
Last update: August 29, 2009
In association with Ryo Kameda, http://ryopc.jugem.jp/  and Ms. Jennifer Claro of Kitami Institute of Technology for English corrections.

When you have any questions and comments, please contact Dr. Kameda. Please write "yukimarimo" at the subject in your E-mail.
Copyright (c) 2008-2009, Takao Kameda


Photo Gallery of yukimarimo

        26 October 1995 at Dome Fuji.
                      This is a close-up of the yukimarimo in the center of the below photograph.

      26 October 1995 at Dome Fuji.
               The same group of yukimarimo appears at the center of this photograph.

        11 April 2003 at Dome Fuji. Reunion with yukimarimo;
     8 years after the last observations at Dome Fuji in 1995.

       24 September 2003 at Dome Fuji

  24 September 2003, enlargement of above photo.


Yukimarimo cookies

Yukimarimo cookies are now available at four shops in Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan. This cookie is a cooperative product of Kitami Institute of Technology (KIT) and Seigetsu Co. Ltd. to celebrate the discovery of “yukimarimo” at Dome Fuji, Antarctic ice sheet in 1995.
   There are two versions of the package of yukimarimo cookies, the original version and the KIT version. You can buy the original version of yukimarimo cookie at Seigetsu (headquarters, Yuhigaoka dori branch, and Tonden branch) and the KIT version only at COOP of KIT. The KIT version was designed by Dr. Uchijima of KIT.
   Please come to Kitami to buy yukimarimo cookies! If you think Kitami is too far, please visit the web shop of Seigetsu and COOP to buy yukimarimo cookies (unfortunately, Japanese language only).

                                                                                Yukimarimo cookie (original version)

                                                             KIT version, KIT: Kitami Institute of Technology.        

                                            Backside of yukimarimo cookie (common in both versions)


  The front page of Journal of Glaciology

 This is the front page of Journal of Glaciology in 1999 when the research paper about
 yukimarimo by Kameda et al. (1999) was published.


 Yukimarimo cookie first visits to his
fathers's "birth place", Dome Fuji in 2008

From November 2007 to January 2008, members of the 48th and 49th Japanese Antarctic Research Expeditions carried out the Japanese-Swedish Scientific Traverse on East Antarctic ice sheet. One of the members of the expedition (Prof. Hiroyuki Enomoto of Kitami Institute of Technology) took me to Dome Fuji. This was the first visit of my father's "birth place". These are memorial photographs. Photographs are kindly supplied by Prof. H. Enomoto of KIT, Japan.

                                       Yukimarimo coolie at Dome Fuji in 2008 (photo, prepared by H. Enomoto)


                           Yukimarimo cookie with a members of Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition,
                                   Dr. Fumio Nakazawa of National Institute of Polar Research. Behind is a SM100 type
                                        of snow vehicle made by Ohara company Ltd., Nagaoka, Japan.


Prof. Enomoto carryed me to Sweden traver party on the Antartic ice sheet. From right: Dr. Shin Sugiyama (Institute of Low Temeperature Science, Hokkaido University), Prof. Per Holmlund (Stockholm University, Sweden,and swedish members;
Suzanne Ingvander and Ivar Anderson.(photo by H. Enomoto)

Dr. Margareta Hansson hold me in the living module sledge on the Antarctic ice sheet. Left: Mr. Stefan Gunnarsson.
(photo by H. Enomoto)


 Yukimarimo cookie's first visit to Alaska in March 2009

In March 2009, Prof. Takahashi carried me to Internattional Arctic Research Center (IARC) in Faibanks, Alaska.

 Prof. Takahashi in semnar room in IARC (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) asked audience
"How am I named in Jounal of Glaciology?  (Photo by H. Enomoto).


Yukimarimo cookie's first visit to UK
in summer 2009

In August 2009, yukimarimo cookies first visited Newcastle, UK to meet world famous glaciologists.
Photographs are kindly supplied by Prof. H. Enomoto of Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan.

 Yukimarimo cookie with Dr.Ted Scambo and Mr. A. Muto (University of Colorado, US).
 (Photo by H. Enomoto).

  Dr. Helgard Anschuetz (Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway)
and Mr. A. Muto (University of Colorado, US) (Photo by H. Enomoto).


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