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最終更新 2010年10月9日

About IMA

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is the leading professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and finance professionals.

Membership in IMA provides the opportunity to keep abreast of the changes affecting the accounting and finance profession, as well as provide new insights and ideas.

The Dubai Chapter of the IMA offers members personal and professional development through educational programs and networking with fellow accounting and finance professionals.
The IMA's programs and services are continuously being  expanded and updated to ensure that you have the
latest information for your professional and personal growth.

Our Mission

Provide to members personal and professional development opportunities through education, association with business professionals, and certification in management accounting and financial management skills.

Ensure that IMA is universally recognized by the financial community as a respected institution influencing the concepts and ethical practices of management accounting and financial management skills.

IMA Tokyo (Japan) Chapter No. 906

On April 1, 2004, the Institute of Management Accountants chartered a seventh international chapter: Tokyo, Japan.  This new chapter joins the IMA family of chapters in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.  It will serve as the local community for 266 IMA members in Japan, of whom 56 are Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) and 26 are Certified Financial Managers (CFMs).

The Tokyo Chapter has strong connections with various universities and corporations in the Tokyo vicinity, including Josai University, Yokohama National University, Waseda University, and NEC Corporation among others.

The focus for this chapter will be membership development and seminars and lectures on topics relative to management accounting and strategic finance.  Research projects will also be considered, following past research efforts on topics including Environmental Protection Activities, Strategy of Intellectual Property, and The Court and Management Accounting.

Special thanks are extended to all those who participated in the Tokyo Chapter formation including their Board of Directors, as well as the efforts of Osamu Nishizawa, Emeritus Professor of Waseda University, and Professor Mari Kobayashi, Professor at the Okuma School of Public Management (Waseda University).

Congratulations to the new Tokyo Chapter!