Yoshi's APL Page

APL is a programming language.
Since there are many pages on APL,
I designed this page for the people who already knows about APL,
and is interested in
APL and Japanese Language and Japanese Market.

[Supporting Japanese Language]

[Japanese Language Support of APL Interpreters]

[Japanese language and PC [html+gif]]
html file with gif files for Japanese character images
recommendable for most non-Japanese environments
[Japanese language and PC [text]]
text file with hankaku-katakana
Japanese code page and font required
recommendable for most Japanese Environments
[Japanese language and PC [html]]
html file without hankaku-katakana which is not allowed in html file
Japanese code page and font required

[Customer List]

[Domestic Meetings]

[HOME] [APL Page in Japanese]
Japanese APL page has extensive information on APL
including tutorials, original sample programs for Japanese, Japanese userlist,
Japanese and Oversea's user group and meeting guide, interpreter guide,
Japanese books on APL, and links to many related pages.