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I am dirty deep throat whore from Japan.
When I was a hight school girl my Unclu had forced me into my deep throat.
I must tell my story because you would like to know how I was became a deep throat whore.
I was cheer girl of cheer leading team of my high school.
I had cheered football team at my school yard.
My uncle had also came to school yard to watch game.
But my team was not so good and defeated by another team.
My Uncle had got angree and caught me to the back yard.
There was a pomp house beside swiming pool.
He pushed me in to that pomp house and shut the door.
He had scolded me with nasty word.
I tried to excuse.
But he had no eare.
I can hardly say what happend after that.
When I faced it for the first time in my life I could not look straight at it.
But my uncle grubed my hair and forceed me to feel it on me cheek.
I was trembled but could not turn my face when I feel it pushing into my mouth opening my lips.
I still didn't know what was happning and what goes on next.
My uncle had spared no time to thrust it deeply in to my throat.
I feel greatness of my uncle when it coked my throat and reached deeply enough to my stomack.
Or should I say my uncle force to make me feel his greatness.
I sought way to finish this misery as early as possible.
So I begged to deflower me myself and put off my cheer girl costume.
He put off my panties and bent my back.
I hoped to last as eary as posible.
But my uncle had not started hastly.
He sat on knee just behind my back and began to use his tongue.
Unexpected feeling had caught my ass while his hands were groping my buttocks.
My legs started shivering and hardly stood up myself.
He sustained me standing by his hand with vibration softly untill my bottom become wet.
I begged repeatedly to deflower me and at last he did it.
Strong strock had assaulted me.
It did not last as I expected for a long time.
He made me understood that he was really great.
Finaly I didnt care when it would stop or actualy I hoped it would never stop.
I knew that my whole flesh was possesed with storngest guy stringer than any other guy.
I understood that I couldnot escape form my uncle forever and ever when he couqured me with satisfuction.
I know the joy of love and my uncle had let me know it fully enough with last strocks of his strongness.
At the end he had broken my hope and disgorged till my scream finaly turned to supreme jubilation.
I was full of happiness when my uncle had withdrawn it.
I didn't know what had happend to me exactly at that time but I was very thankfull and greatfull to my uncle about what he had done to me so I huged my uncle for a while.
Then my uncle had taught me how to perform good deep throat.
It was getting dark when I was released form his strong arm.
I could not tell anybody about that incident.
Even my mother know nothing.
Since then I am deep throat whore.
He repeatedly thrust into my deep thoat after that.
He had good skill of teaching blow job.
So I learned guradually how to please guys.
At last I became to enjoy it and find pleasure to performe it.
Now I am very greatefull to my Uncle for his kindness.
He had taught me how to be a good girl and be happy ,you know.
I am extremely happy when I have it in my deep throat.
Somebody say I am a deepthroat whore.
But I don't care a bit.
Its true that I am a deepthroat whore and I know well myself.
I found myself a very happy girl who know the exetreme joy of love.
I suppose nobody knows like me the great pleasure of deep throat.
Its unbelievable to have it in my deep throat.
It reach into my stomack deeply.
And it always big and strong enogth to choke my throat.
Nothing could make me feel good like that.
I feel thick and strong strock thrusting repeatedly.
Its seems endless till it finaly disgorge.
It shot straigh in to my stomack.
How great when it droped and reached the bottom of my stomack.
I begin to shiver even if I though of that great moment.
I feel extremely happy to be born as girl whenever I have it as a reword of my effort.
I was always brought to heaven when I perform deep throat like that.
I went heaven hundred times of thousand times or even more.
No other girls experienced that kind of joy like me.
Its also my pleasure to please guys in my deep throat.
I use many techniques learned form my uncle and also I try to invent another techniques. And please force me to performe it.
Dont stop it even if I was weeping.
I used to weep when my uncle had forced me.
But when I was weeping with full of tears the pleasure is growing higher and higher.
I leared that tears bring me more joy of submission.
At the end I would scream with joy, so let me weep and feel me good.
You can beet me anytime if I dont obey you.
I must always submissive to my master.
I must willingly punished if I offended you.
Please spank me as you like.
I would scream and beg your mercy.
But no mercy please.
Because I am your deep throat whore.
Wholeheartedly and willingly I promise you to be a good deep throat whore.
If you had found a girl who did not know the joy of deep throat, I recommend you to force her to know it.
No mercy even if she refuse to try it at first.
She will be very thankful and greatful when at last know the supreme jubilation.
Its a great pleasure to know it for any girls in any way.