Hight School girl whore

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I am school girl whore.
I am living in Tokyo and High school girl.
I have a sister.
And she is also school girl whore.
My school is very near to Sibuya.
So I usually go to Sibuya after school on weekend.
And I used to go up and down "Sibuya Center street".
So somebody catch me and we go to Karaoke box.
Karaoke box is a little room to enjoy Karaoke.
But its a good place for another purpose.
And after enjoing for a while ,we go to Yoyogi park.
Yoyogi park is a very big park.
And we can enjoy for a while.
Then we can go to some kind of hotel to spend night.
Its called "LOVE HOTEL" in Japan.
I must confess that I had gang banged many times.
It was my fault and no one is to blame.
When I was second grade of high school, our base ball team had a chance to perticipate in high shool invitesion tornament.
I was chosen as a cheer girl of cheer leading team.
I refused it for the first time.
But my friend had hospitalized just week before the day of big game.
So I must perticipate as one of cheer girl instead of my friend.
But I didnt go to meeting of cheer girls.
Some girls had bullied me when I was junior high school.
I didnt want see them again.
But my base ball team had lost big game.
Some one blamed my abscence.
So I was called to a Karaoke room and was gang banged in front of another cheer girls.
I didnt know what happened to me at first.
But when my panties was pulled down to my knee I heard screaming of boys.
It was the beginning and I didnt know when It would last.
Cheer girls had left Karaoke room leaving me alone among boys.
They forced me to put off all cloths.
Strong strock had asaulted me repeatedly.
They also spited nasty word to insult me.
I had tried to escape but my flesh had trembled hardly.
Someone say "That bitch get wet like a water fall", and another say "That bitch feeling good kicked ass."
I didnt know what they meant at first.
But my all flesh gradually became warmer and attentive to their strocks.
I could not stop arch my back when they thrusted deeply enough to reach my most sensitive opening of my womb.
I knew I was going to surrender as they intended at the highest point of ecstasy.
I was fully stabed up to my stomach when he finneised last disgorge with storngest thrust. He also satisfied my womb till it was brought up to highest of heaven.
It get long time to be couquered by all boys.
But they did it honestly and deligently.
I must surrender every time while each of them possesed me.
They enjoyed the joy of conquerer while I was brought to heaven repeatedly
When I found myself crying bittery every thing was over.
I knew actually that my tears was not form torments but supreme jubilation they had given me.
I felt reliefed after all when they released me.
But it was not the end of gang bang.
After few days I was caught into same Karaoke room with same boys.
And also another day.
They even gang banged my elder sister.
I sujested them that my sister would be feel good if they gang banged her.
Because my sister often groped in subway and sometime she showed off her experiences that I did not know.
So my sister must be gang banged to be treated equally.
Of cource my sister had experienced supreme joy just as same as me.
They even take footage of my sister while she was screaming with joy.
She could not refuse any nasty play but actually she would like te be forced any kind of nasty play.
I sujested boyes many kind of nasty things to force my sister because I know she want it in her mind.
So me and my sister are same high school girl whore at the moment.
Any one can possess me or my sister any time any place.
I love to be gang banged together with my sister.
Its exciting experience each time.
Conclusion "Girl must be gang banged".
Any girl will enjoy it or at least learn to enjoy it with good lesson.