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I am dirty house wife whore from Japan.
I am living in Tokyo with my husband.
Every morning my husband gets up early and goes out to his office.
And he comes back very late at night.
He seldom has dinner at home.
So I don't do cooking for him.
When he has gone I finish my house cleaning and laundry.
And after that I have nothing to do.
So I usually enter Video chat.
And if I could fortunately catch good guy, I use to date with him.
Of course my husband know nothing.
Some guy that I have date with were very kinky.
Once I was tied and spanked very hard.
He had threatened me by taking photo of me while I was opening legs widely.
But it's also a kind of play.
He threatened me so hard but when I obeyed him he had satisfied much.
I am very good at blowjob.
So every guys satisefied and enjoyed my deepthorat and lips and tounge.
My uncle had taught me how to performe good blowjob when I was high school girl.
Of course Japanese girls are very good at blowjob you know.
We teach each other how to perform good blowjob.
I had leaned from My uncle how to plaese guys and how to satisfy guys.
Very important thing is always submissive and never protest against guys.
Japanes girl never protest agains guys even if she were raped of gang banged.
We Japanese girls taught to be submissive even in those ocasions to be a good girl.
We Jpapanese girls marry with a guy who had raped ous if he hope to do so.
We have not right to reject such marriage even if we hate him deeply.
My uncle had taught me many other things and the most exeiting thing was how he deflowed me at my room while my mother was preparing our dinner.
It was very exciting to be deflowed by fully matured guy with many experiences and techniques.
My uncle knows how to make love with supreme joy and I knew it very well.
My uncle had used many techniques of kissing and licking and thrusting.
No young guys can compete my uncle I know.
May be my mother had arranged this ocasion for me.
My mother might hope that girl must have best experience of deflowering.
And that had happened exactily to me.
I knew lately that My uncle had also deflowered my mother when she was still high school girl.
My father and My mother was belong to same high shcool.
My father played football and my mother was cheer girl of cheer leading team.
My uncle was much older than my father and he visit football game manytimes.
I dont know well about my mother's first experience.
But it is true that my uncle had made it and my mother had been brought to heaven thousand of times
Unless my mother never hope me to be deflowered by my uncle.
And I know my mother must be good at blowjob scince my uncle must had taught her a good technique as he had taught to me.
I know how to suck deeply into my throad and how to vibrate my tongue and how to bite with teeth softly and naughty.
I also know how to prolong it by irritating and tormenting. I was cofident so I taught my class mate how to perform good blowjob when I was high school girl.
I went hot spring with my uncle sometimes.
I also experienced supreme joy while I was in hot spring with meny another guys.
I was grown that way so I can not stop Video chat and meet with guys.
I know well that guys cannot satisfied only with Video chat.
Some guys fond of many kinds of kinky play.
I had groped in the subway by many guys surrounding me.
Fingers had plunged deeply in to my flesh under my panties.
I was trembled but also feeled extremely good.
I also groped in midnight theater from both side and forced to open my thighs widly.
Japan is a Paradise for gropers you know.
Every guys enjoy groping in subway every morning.
Girls did not protest against groper becasue it is shame to be groped.
Especialy high school girls never protest against any gropers.
May be they know how to enjoy these nasty experience and proud of being groped.
Once I had gang banged in the toilet of park.
I was screamed wildly but nobody heard me.
I heard that foreign guys had tremendesly huge cock.
I hope I could enjoy such a huge cock when you come to Japan.
I am willingly and hopefully waiting for you.
You will enjoy my deepthoart.
I am alway sincere.